Review: Going Down Easy by Carly Phillips (Billionaire Bad Boys #1)

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Bestselling author Carly Phillips’ Billionaire Bad Boys series starter Going Down Easy introduces readers to three thirtysomething multi-billionaires and business partners who have been best friends for years and consider each other like brothers—Kaden Barnes, Lucas Monroe, and Derek West. The first book is focused on Kade, who knows what it’s like to be rejected by a parent and to not be accepted for his anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Once prejudged to be lacking in intelligence, Kade is the best at what he does and the app that he, Lucas, and Derek have developed is key in taking their company public. Kade has always liked keeping his world in order, even if at times it’s an order that only he can understand. The arrival of his new personal assistant tilts and reorders his world as he knows it.

Kade Barnes has always had difficulty holding on to an assistant for longer than a day or two, each one failing to meet his own taxing standards or simply getting fed up with his expectations. When one of his best friends and partners hires twenty-eight-year-old Lexie Parker, he’s pleasantly surprised at both her efficiency and her innate ability to put him in his place when he’s overstepping or simply being an overbearing, overly demanding boss. His attraction to her, however, is something that needs to be addressed, especially when it’s proven to be mutual. What he feels for Lexie is unlike anything he’s felt for anyone else before. When his past and his relationship with Lexie are used by a former friend to blackmail Kade, his personal and professional lives could suffer and cost him everything that matters. 

I quite enjoyed this first in a new series and would probably consider it may favorite Carly Phillips read so far. Kade and Lexie are complex characters, with Kade having had a mother who didn’t consider him worthy of her love and attention and who took his beloved younger brother away from him and their father, and with Lexie bearing the burden of being her twin sister’s guardian of sorts, making sure that all her needs are met and keeping her bipolar disorder in check. They’ve both been touched, in one form or another and directly or indirectly, by mental issues, which made this a more interesting and introspective story. There was also enough about Lucas Monroe and Derek West to pique my curiosity, so I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. Going Down Easy easily gets a perfect five-star rating. ♥

Date Read: 23 July 2016

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