Review: Gian by Lisa Cardiff (Trassato Crime Family #1)

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Gian is the first novel in the Trassato Crime Family romantic suspense series from author Lisa Cardiff and my second read from her, the first one being Sins of My Father, the Black Brothers series starter. Romantic suspense is something Lisa Cardiff clearly does well since, as was the case with my first read from her, I found myself loving this second series starter. The story was well-written and took a familiar theme (i.e. a fake engagement) and put in a modern day mafia setting. The cast of characters, led by main characters Gianluca Trassato and Evangeline Jeffers--also known as Gian and Evie, respectively--was composed of a few memorable ones, some of which I have a feeling will be featured in future installments.

Evie Jeffers is at her most comfortable onstage but after an injury and a recently ended engagement, all Evie needs is a job. What she gets, however, is an impromptu engagement to Gian Trassato, her closest friend's twin brother, no thanks to her witnessing something she shouldn't have been around to see in the first place. The only way Gian can guarantee both her silence and her safety is by letting those who are part of their crime family know that Evie is his fiancée. It's only for a certain period of time anyway, so it shouldn't be all that difficult, right? Only, the time they spend together has them fostering feelings they weren't expecting to have. Gian has his secrets but it's Evie's explosive secret that could destroy everyone.

The chemistry between Evie and Gian was palpable and these two clearly had the whole mutual attraction going on from the very first moment they meet in the story. Are there complications to them being together? Yes, and those are their from the beginning as well, but those complications are compounded by a teeny, tiny bit of information that Evie hasn't been all that upfront about and when it's revealed, "complicated" doesn't even begin to describe what these two are up against. Lisa Cardiff was able to keep things exciting and I liked how she makes us super curious about what may happen to two supporting characters, paving the way for the sequel. Gian was a five-star start to the Trassato Crime Family series. ♥

Date Read: 06 July 2016

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