Review: Fast Connection by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell (Cyberlove #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

We wound up crushed against his front door, his hands in my hair and my fingers digging into shoulders, as our tongues tangled. I didn’t want it to end. I loved the smell and feel of him. And most of all I loved the fact that he wanted me. Had nothing to do with military loyalty or future expectations or family obligations. He wanted me. That was it. Nothing else mattered inside this house but how good we could make each other feel. 

Can a hook-up lead to happily-ever-after? This is the main question posed by the second novel in the Cyberlove series from one of my favorite writing partnerships, Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell. Readers met Dominic Costigan in the series starter, Strong Signal, and now the twenty-seven-year-old cocksure staff sergeant has returned from his deployment and is feeling a bit of déjà vu. He lives in his parents’ basement and works in the family-owned bagel and deli shop. He wasn’t quite sure what he was expecting upon his return to civilian life, but being under his father’s thumb and having to listen to him list down why he’s such a disappointment certainly wasn’t it. He desperately needs to come up with a long-term plan on what to do with his life, but for now, what he wants is something—or better yet, someone—to get his mind of his troubles. He’s never used Grindr before, but he’s ready for it to help him hook a willing warm body. Instead, it leads him to one cool, grumpy, reticent but fuckable silver fox.

At thirty-nine, Luke Rawlings has kept his life simple, compartmentalizing everything, only hooking up whenever his two children are with their mother for the weekend. He has rules and those rules are there for a reason. After his last relationship cost him his military career and nearly led to him losing so much more, he knew he had to separate certain aspects of his life. Grindr has found him his share of hook-ups in the past, but when his eye catches on a new profile of someone with the username of “StaffSgt” and a profile picture of toned abs, he’s curious. He requests a photo of the man’s face and the cocky smile that accompanies the rest of the Hollywood-like superhero face has Luke itching to get his hands on him. Their hook-up is hot and heavy and he learns his hook-up’s name is Dominic, and even with his rules in place, they’re on shaky ground. Resistance is futile, but it’s all physical…right? When their hearts get involved and their worlds collide, will their connection unravel or will they disconnect?

This book! Gah! I read this while I was in bed with the flu and for all my aches and pains, and sniffling and wheezing, Fast Connection made me smile and laugh. Don’t be fooled though! For all the self-deprecating humor and sarcastic quips, the story has angst and drama does ensue, but that’s how I like my books. I like how there’s more than just one emotion that a story and its characters evoke in me. There’s a fair amount of brow-wipingly (dibs on that new word!) steamy sex, but again, it’s part and parcel of Fast Connection and is one of the reasons it’s such a fabulous read. We see Dominic and Luke the same way the rest of the world sees them in the beginning of the book, but it’s clear that there’s so much more to the two. They’re opposites who simply make perfect sense together, becoming that counter-balance that the other has needed but never really realized they did. These two have become one of my all-time favorite fictional couples. An odd couple, yes, but one that functions and flourishes.

I saw a great deal of myself in Luke. It takes a good, long while before he shares much about and of himself with anyone, but he loves his children a great deal and has an admirable affection for his ex-wife. He either tries to remain unattached or knowingly detaches himself from those he may see as potential sources of disruption in his life. But he’s a good man and once he decides to invest himself in someone or something, he does so wholeheartedly. Then there’s dear Dominic, who I easily related to as well. For all his joking around and poking fun at himself, he has insecurities and is unsure of what direction his life is headed in. His feelings of frustration toward his family are tempered by his immeasurable love for them. I lost count of how many times I wanted to give the guy a hug because it seemed like he needed it. Fast Connection is about the sacrifices made for family and the risks taken for the one you share your life with, and how at the end of the day, they’re worth it. Five-plus stars times two. ♥


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Release Date: 11 July 2016

Date Read: 11 July 2016

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