Review: Dirty Stolen Forever by Nazarea Andrews (Green County #2)

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Dirty Stolen Forever is the second book in the Nazarea Andrews-penned Green County series and turns attention of readers to two more recent returnees to the small town of Green County, Kansas--Aiden Delvin and Colt Rayburn, who were together for two years before Colt shattered the family they had created with Colt's younger brother Remi along with Aiden's heart when he enlisted with the Marines. Soon after, Aiden leaves Green County and they both lead very different lives from what they once dreamed for themselves. It takes the kidnapping of Aiden's older brother Gabriel for him to return to their hometown, secure in the knowledge that his ex-boyfriend is still away...but Colt's eight years with the Corps are up and he makes his way home to Green County. The guilt Colt feels for hurting Aiden still weighs heavily, but he never realized just how deep that wound he caused was until he sees the anger and pain on Aiden's face the first time they interact after years apart. There's no denying that they still love each other, but too many things remain unsaid and even if they decide they both want to rekindle their relationship, will Colt be able to do the one thing he's never been able to before: put Aiden before Remi?

While the first chapter piqued my interest right off, I must admit that it took me a few chapters to become invested in both Aiden Delvin and Colt Rayburn. They've known each other for a decade, spent two of those years as a couple and the last eight years apart. Colt is twenty-eight and while Aiden's age isn't mentioned, I'm guessing he's about the same age, and Colt has a younger brother and Aiden is the youngest in a brood of four boys. Colt went on to become a Marine while Aiden became a celebrated photographer, so they have lives that went on even when they were no longer together. It's the break-up that haunts them both, and while I feel that the way Colt went about it was really rather harsh, I do understand why he left to join the Corps. Aiden's struggle with his love for Colt and with his need to protect himself from getting hurt again made it easy to empathize with him. This was a much more enjoyable read compared to the first book, with the story mostly focused on Colt and Aiden and whether they would grab the opportunity to be together again or not. I know Gabe's story is next but I wonder if the other Delvin brothers plus Remi will be part of the series as well. Dirty Stolen Forever gets 4.5 stars. ♥


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Date Read: 15 July 2016

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