Review: Clutch by L. Wilder (Satan's Fury MC #4)

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Clutch is the fourth full-length novel and fifth overall installment in the Satan's Fury MC series from bestselling author L. Wilder and my favorite one so far. Clutch, road captain for the motorcycle club, has been a part of the series since the first full-length book, Maverick, and it was clear that he had unrequited feelings for Cassidy in the third book, Cotton. By the end of the aforementioned book, Clutch decided to leave his home chapter of Washington for awhile, hoping to get over Cassidy. That letter he left her broke my heart, so I'm glad that he gets his chance to finally be with someone who will love him the way he's always deserved to be loved. In his eponymous story, we learn a bit more about Thomas--Clutch's real first name--and how he came about to becoming Clutch. We're also introduced to Olivia Turner and her younger brother and sister, Charlie and Hadley, all orphaned after their parents are murdered in their family home in Boston. Memphis is a temporary stop for both Clutch and Livie, but it's there that their lives intersect and once they meet, these two become hopelessly and irrevocably entangled in each other.

Both Clutch and Livie are on the run--Clutch from his feelings for one of his closest friends' woman and Livie and her siblings from the people who killed their parents and who could very well still be after them. Everything about being in Tennessee is temporary but there's a feeling of permanence with these two, like they were meant to find and save each other. I liked how they tried to push each other's buttons in the beginning and how it seemed as if Charlie and Hadley were wiser than years. The story also had a refreshing feel to it because Clutch wasn't surrounded by the usual people we've come to know in the series. The mystery suspense feel wasn't too prominent but it was enough to keep you wondering who was behind the murder of the Turner couple and what the motive may have been. Readers also get to meet Blaze, a Satan's Fury MC member with the Memphis chapter and single father to Kevin, and I was thrilled to find out that his story is going to get told later on in the series. All in all, I really liked Clutch and Livie's story and enjoyed their dynamic and how it the connection grew stronger over time. 4.5 stars for Clutch. ♥

Date Read: 15 July 2016

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