Review: Brooks by Chelsea M. Cameron (Benson Brothers #1)

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Brooks is the first book in the Chelsea M. Cameron-penned Benson Brothers series and is about the second eldest brother, Brooks Benson, who decides to stop pursuing his master's degree in order to return to his hometown of Hope Harbor, Maine to take care of the family-owned variety store after his mother injures her back and his father suffers a heart attack. His six other siblings are busy living their own lives, and while Brooks would never bemoan his circumstances or blame his parents for his current lot in life, especially since returning home was a choice he willingly made, he does find himself drifting, with no actual direction or destination and even his attempts at his artwork remain half-finished. He wants something more, something that'll spark something within him. And then Remington Wright returns too...

The last place Remi Wright wants to be at is her hometown because returning to Hope Harbor would be like admitting she had failed at creating a life for herself. But having lost all her jobs after graduating from college, she's left with no other option but to find refuge and bide her time with her parents. She wants to be able to earn enough money to make another go at leaving Hope Harbor, and peddling her delicious baked creations at the the Benson family's variety store could very well be the key. She's willing to tolerate having to see Brooks Benson, the boy who was in the same class as she was but wasn't a friend and didn't say much of anything even when Remi was bullied by his friends. Remi is surprised to find, however, that Brooks isn't as bad as she had pegged. They grow close but Remi has a plan and Brooks isn't part of it...yet.

This series starter had its ups and downs. Remi was all kinds of pissed with Brooks but there wasn't much of a hint as to why she was treating him the way she was until I was several chapters in. It took a while for to me also like Remi. She had a really abrasive personality and when you pit that against someone like Brooks--the good son who came home and went above and beyond for his family--you can understand why I wasn't too thrilled with her. Story-wise, though, everything played out in a satisfactory enough manner, though for a short read, there were moments that I felt it dragged a bit. There were numerous moments of waffling and wishy-washyness on both Remi's and Brooks's parts, but there were also lighthearted, sweet, and funny moments between the two. Overall, Brooks was an okay, 3.5-starred Benson Brothers starter. ♥

Date Read: 07 July 2016

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