Review: Ashton: The Agreement by Jade Sinner (Cocky Smiling O #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

Ashton: The Agreement is the second story in the Cocky Smiling series from Jade Sinner and can be read as a standalone. This is a friends-to-lovers romance between Ashton Michaels and Jessica Anderson, best friends since they were five. Now twenty-eight, both Ash and Jess know everything about each other. He's a manwhore and she's engaged to be married...that is, until she finds her fiancé having sex with another woman. Jess is hurt and angry and Ash is there to give her all the support she needs. Then, Jess decides to do the one thing that she feels will give her the comfort she wants and deserves: one night with her best friend. Even as Ash reminds her of the agreement they made years ago about never crossing the line, he can't help himself. When Ash and Jess decide that a single night isn't enough, can their friendship survive?

As promised by the author, this book plays out in a predictable manner and gives the guaranteed happily-ever-after. There are a couple of minor "twists" that involve the ex-fiancĂ© and then the reaction of Jess's parents to her news about the engagement. I would say that I really liked and enjoyed most of the story until the end of the final chapter, which felt a tad rushed and difficult to believe, especially since these two supposedly didn't have any romantic feelings for one another in all their years of friendship. Lustful feelings, yes, and innocent (okay, maybe not-so-innocent) crushes as teenagers, but romantic ones? But I did enjoy the story and I found the two main characters, Ash and Jess, to be very likable and the sex was hot. Jade Sinner's quickie reads have proven to be fun ones. I'm giving Asthon: The Agreement four stars.

Release Date: 14 July 2016

Date Read: 14 July 2016

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