Review: Area 51 by Helena Hunting (Pucked #4.1)

Helena Hunting doesn't even have to give me a complete story to illicit laughs out of me. Though, if you do intend to read Area 51, it would benefit you greatly if you've already read the four full-length novels currently available in the Pucked series: Pucked (Alex Waters and Violet Hall), Pucked Up (Miller Butterson and Sunny Waters), Pucked Over (Randy Ballistic and Lily LeBlanc), and Forever Pucked (Alex and Violet). Of course, feel free to venture into the world of hockey hilarity as only Helena Hunting can give you with this collection of snippets first if you want to have some idea how well this woman can do romantic comedy with a sports spin. Just, you know, don't wonder if it doesn't make much sense because you are, after all, reading the book out of context. So yeah, just read the entire series. You won't regret it.

Area 51 isn't what I'd call a necessary read in the series, but if you're as much of a fan of the books as I am, you'll want to read this because of the edited scenes and outtakes from the novels. You've got a selection of literal toilet humor, silly sexy times, hilarious how-much-worse-can-this-day-get moments, and some really sweet scenes that'll make you go "Awww!" The stuff from Pucked reiterated just how nutty Violet is and how good a guy Alex is to let her do what she does to his MC. I kinda felt bad for Miller because it was like one thing after another for him. Randy was just...le sigh...Randy. Again, I'm forced to use a term I don't like but just seems fitting: amazeBalls. He's evolved so much from the manwhore he was to the right man for Lily. Area 51 was such a treat and it was free on Amazon, for goodness's sake! Love it! Five stars! ♥

Date Read: 05 July 2016

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