Review: Angel Undone by Leta Blake

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This is dangerous, he thinks. What is it about this sad, sweet little man living his desperate life—not unlike millions and millions of others of Father’s creation—that makes Michael feel more than he should? He thinks of that human expression, of things that get under the skin.

Why, Father? Why did you send me to him?

Full disclosure: I’m Catholic, though I do consider myself more of a progressive Catholic, one that hopes for positive changes in the Church in order for it to move forward and adapt to the needs of today’s faithful. So, the fact that this is a book about one of God’s most well-known archangels and that it falls under the M/M romance slash urban fantasy genre doesn’t bother me. Maybe that’s because I’m not a Bible thumper and I happen to enjoy M/M romance stories (ooh, I can already hear those shocked intakes of breath from holier-than-thou peeps out there, but to each his/her own). Of course, it could have to do with the fact that I know this book is fiction, one whose main purpose is to entertain readers.

Angel Undone is the story of the archangel Michael who goes about his business of helping those who need his assistance and guidance most. He does what his Father has him do without question, tucking his wings underneath the human skin he dons in order to accomplish his latest mission. He takes one look at forty-year-old Asher Rosenthal and he knows he can give him what he needs in order to fully embrace who he really is and to no longer feel the need to deny it. But what was supposed to be one moment to help open Ash’s eyes to what it’s like to enjoy his sexuality leaves Michael equally shaken to the core. Why would his Father lead him to temptation? This may be one test Michael is destined to fail.

I’ve read books that have used angels—of varying hierarchies—and paired them with regular humans, humans with special powers, or with demons. Angel Undone, however, is the first one I’ve read that is M/M, with archangel Michael having been with both men and women whenever necessary in his missions and Asher now coming out of the proverbial closet as gay. The book doesn’t have any religious slant to it, but it did give me pause and had me contemplating how free will isn't about making the right choices but being able to live with and making the most of them. This was a story about two men who decide if the rewards outweigh the risks of being together and who love wins out in the end. Five-plus stars. ♥

Release Date: 18 July 2016

Date Read: 18 July 2016

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