Review: Mister O by Lauren Blakely (All-Male POV Revue #2)


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"Why is fuck an insult? Everyone says fuck him, fuck this, fuck off. But fucking is pretty much the greatest thing on earth."

"We'll start a new dictionary. We'll take back the word fuck, and we'll turn it into--"

"I know! We'll say it like a blessing." I soften my voice, and make it sound reverent and adoring. "Fuck you, my child. Go in peace."

You know those books that are so effing adorable (yeah, I'm using effing, though in my offline life, my use of the actual word knows now bounds) that you feel as if you've got a perma-grin going? Yup, that's what happened with Mister O, which is the follow-up to Lauren Blakely's bestselling (and one of my current favorite reads this year) romantic comedy novel, Big Rock, and is part of her All-Male POV Revue collection of books. Nick Hammer and Harper Holiday were introduced in Big Rock as Spencer Holiday's best friend and younger sister, respectively, and both proved to be more than memorable. The humor that I've come to expect is still here in full force and that distinct combination of heat and heart lingers on every page, just like before. However, don't think that this is merely a recycled version of its predecessor. Mister O is a novel that is able to stand on its own merits while still living up to the expectations courtesy of the success the book before it put into place. Is it too early for me to tell you this is a 2016 favorite, too?

Nick Hammer loves being a cartoonist, has a fan following for his published work, and makes quite a substantial amount with his online comic turned late night television hit The Adventures of Mister Orgasm. Just like his superhero character, Nick has the ability to give any woman he's with orgasm upon orgasm and he doesn't have a problem finding a willing partner in bed. But there is one woman that he wants but he knows he can't have, unless he'd like to see his much lauded head of hair shaved of by his best friend. But when Harper Holiday asks Nick to be her guide when it comes to dating, he finds himself agreeing. While their friendship grows stronger, so does Nick's attraction to Harper. He doesn't see her wholly as his best friend's sister or just one of his close friends. No, Harper is the woman that Nick wants to be with, in and out of bed, and that puts him in an unfamiliar spot. He can deal with lust and fantasies and even teaching how pleasurable sex can be, but can Nick deal with falling in love with Harper Holiday?

I have quite a few favorite moments in this book, but if I had to choose a top three, they would have to include Harper's surprise gift (a box of detergent and a box of Blackwing pencils--Nick's preferred drawing instrument), the flirty texting that quickly evolves into a naughty exchange once Harper's curiosity takes over, and the proposed transitioning of the word "fuck" to mean "like" (you can read part of that conversation above but that doesn't even encompass how hilarious I thought the exchange was, one that ended with me going "Aww!"). This book more than tickled my fancy, and I enjoyed getting to know and falling in love with Nick and Harper. Having Spencer and Charlotte from Big Rock play an integral part in Nick and Harper's love story was a definite bonus since they weren't merely appearing for decorative purposes in the book. I'm also excited to read the upcoming stories of four supporting characters, with all three books currently slated for release this year. I highly encourage you to read Mister O. Five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 04 May 2016

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