Review: A Wilder Wedding by Carrie Ann Ryan (The Wilder Brothers #7.5)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Literally Yours PR.

A Wilder Wedding is a new novella in Carrie Ann Ryan's The Wilder Brothers series, and while it doesn't have Wilders as the main characters, Amos and Naomi are recurring side characters. They were part of what is now the Wilder Retreat prior to original set of Wilder brothers buying and renovating the property, and they're still around with the arrival of the cousins, aka the second set of Wilder brothers. Amos works in the vineyard while Naomi is the innkeeper. Over the years, they've become part of the family, but they've also been involved in an on-again, off-again relationship. But while the latter has worked for them before, it's starting to cause issues, which isn't a good thing, especially with the next Wilder wedding coming up. Is this the end or will they fight for forever?

I'm one of the many readers who has been following the Wilder Brothers series from the get-go, even looking forward to the beginning of it all when the lone Wilder sister found her happily-ever-after and we got glimpses of her protective brothers. I must confess, though, that it took me a minute to try and remember who Amos and Naomi were. This is one of the pitfalls of being as voracious a reader as I am. When it finally clicked, my emotional investment in the twosome grew even more. I'm glad they were able to figure things out and get they're happily-ever-after. There were moments where I was hoping for more details and information, and the suspense element felt like it came out of left field. Still, A Wilder Wedding was a nice addition to the series and gets 3.5 stars.


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Release Date: 13 May 2024

Date Read: 10 May 2024

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