Illustrated Cover Series Reveal: The Seattle Phantom Series by Maggie Rawdon

The Seattle Phantom Series
Pick Six
Wild Card
by Maggie Rawdon

About the Seattle Phantom series
Pick Six (book one)

What’s worse than playing a fake girlfriend to the all-pro defensive end for the Seattle Phantom?
When the same infamous playboy is my ex-husband’s best friend.
I’m normally great at keeping my distance from him—pretending like he doesn’t get under my skin.
But after he punches a teammate over me, we’re stuck faking a relationship to save his career and mine.
If we play the game well, we could both get out ahead.
I just have to remember everything about this is for show, including the reformed player act.
A few blurred lines and crossed boundaries won’t change things.
Because falling for your ex’s best friend is wrong, right?

Overtime (book two)
Colton St. George is the league’s star quarterback, the most eligible bachelor in the country, and the poster boy for “nice guy”.
Everyone wants a piece of him.
Including me—because I need him in front of my camera to raise money for charity.
There’s just one problem.
Before he was famous, I took his already broken heart and shattered it.
So he only agrees to do the photos on one condition—I go first.
In his home, at his discretion.
And in private? He isn’t quite the good guy I remember.
Before I know what's happening we're unraveling in a game of favors and bets.
One I’m not sure either of us can win.

Wild Card (book three)
The infamous playboy and star wide receiver for the Seattle Phantom is the last person on earth I would ever expect to come to my rescue. Tobias Westfield and I can’t see eye-to-eye on anything.
But when my date goes to hell and I end up stranded in the pouring rain on my birthday, he’s there—holding my hand and playing the adoring boyfriend. I might have had him all wrong.
Until a leaked video and a motorcycle accident turn everything upside down.
When he struggles in the aftermath, walling himself off from the rest of the world, our friends volunteer my help—whether he wants it or not.
So we’re stuck together while my job is in limbo and he fights to save his career. But every door I open and every day we spend together has me wondering if we're really all that different...

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About Maggie Rawdon

Maggie Rawdon is a sports romance author living in the Midwest. She writes athletes with the kind of filthy mouths that will make you blush and swoon and the smart independent women that make them fall first. She has a weakness for writing frenemies whose fighting feels more like flirting and found families.

She loves real sports as much as the fictional kind and spends football season writing in front of the TV with her pups at her side. When she’s not on editorial deadline you can find her binging epic historical dramas or fantasy series in between weekend hikes and museum trips.

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