Review: A Very Filthy Game by Lauren Blakely (Winner Takes All #3)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Lauren Blakely's latest M/M romance is filthy--in all the best ways possible. A Very Filthy Game is the third novel in her Winner Takes All series. Originally released as Thirst Trap and as a serial via Amazon's Kindle Vella program, which was was how I "met" Rafe Rodman and Gunnar Ford, this full-length edition is packed with the heat and heart that this author is known for--and I'm talking the kind of heat that may require you to ensure you're in a well-ventilated and cool area while reading. You don't necessarily need to read the first two books in the series, The Boyfriend Comeback and Turn Me On, in order to fully enjoy this new release, but as is often the case with Blakely's books, there are recurring characters that make their presence felt, and not just the ones from this series alone. So, if you're a regular reader of Blakely's, expect some Easter eggs; if not, enjoy this new book, then be prepared to go searching through her back list for those stories you've missed.

A Very Filthy Game is the story of Rafe Rodman and Gunnar Ford. Rafe is a Brit who happens to be the creative genius behind a highly successful line of male underwear that shares his name; on the other hand, Gunnar is  an American and the third baseman for the San Francisco Dragons. There's about a decade between them, with Gunnar being in his mid-twenties, and it was only a couple of years ago when he realized that he was bisexual. When the two meet at a club, the connection they shared was palpable. From flirtation and foreplay to the anticipated happily-ever-after finale, that connection remained. There was a heck of a lot of chemistry, and seeing their story go from lust to love, or at least the beginnings of it, provided a sufficient balance of entertainment and endearment for me. I do wish, though, that there was as much heart as there was heat, but all things considered, this third Winner Takes All story was a four-starred addition to the series.

Release Date: 02 February 2023

Date Read: 25 January 2023

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