Review: Dissolution by Rachel Van Dyken (Eagle Elite #12)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

All good things must come to an end, and even though countless readers would have wished the Eagle Elite series could have lived on forever, the twelfth and final (wah!) book has just been released. Rachel Van Dyken has said, though, that while this particular series is coming to a close, the book universe that was created because of it will continue (yay!). While I haven't had the distinct pleasure of reading every single book that's come from this original series, I am familiar with this world that RVD has created, thanks in large part to having read the first three novels and the Mafia Royals spin-off series. That being said, I think I'm going to be needing to do a deep dive as far as this Eagle Elite series is concerned. I may be a wee bit late, but better late than never when it comes to catching up with this mafia romance series.

Dissolution is Santino Sinacore and Katya Petrov's story, and their initial meeting was downright unforgettable. My heart broke for Katya, what with the circumstances that led to Santino taking her away from it all. You would think that she would be this helpless girl, but nope, she had one heck of a backbone, and kudos to Santino for recognizing that. Yes, these books are dark and there is a fair amount of violence, but just like those before it, this last Eagle Elite story is also about love, family, and loyalty. I loved seeing Katya and Santino hurdle through the obstacles that were in their way in order to get to their happily-ever-after, and the level of satisfaction I got from seeing how far the Cosa Nostra families have come is beyond words. Blood in, no out--and the same goes for this book world. Four stars.

Release Date: 20 February 2023

Date Read: 18 February 2023

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