Where has the time gone?!

Goodness! It's been a while since my last book review in July. We're now entering the second full week of August and there are a heck of a lot of reviews I still need to write. I may have taken an unscheduled break from book blogging but that certainly didn't mean I took a break from reading. I usually try to read a book a day, thus cementing my status as a bookaholic, though I also answer to "book whore" AND "book pimp". ^.^ So, you probably have a basic idea of just how many reviews I have lined up at the moment and that list just grows every single day! Now, it's gotten to the point that the idea of catching up and quickly working my way down that list has become daunting. *SMH*

Anyhoo, I will try my best to get my butt into gear and get those reviews going. These reviews are not being done upon request of any author or publisher so there aren't any deadlines for me to meet BUT I would like to be able to finish everything currently on the list before the month ends. *fingers crossed*

I hope you'll come back often to check out my reviews! If you happen to follow me on Twitter, please feel free to say "hello" and let me know you visited my book blog. ^.^

Have a fab and blessed week, fellow bookaholics! ♥


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