Review: "Flat-Out Celeste" by Jessica Park

Flat-Out Celeste is the sequel to the bestselling book Flat-Out Love and is the third book in the series, following the popular novella Flat-Out Matt. If you were a fan of the first two titles, you simply NEED to read Celeste's story. I guarantee that if you liked her as Matt's younger sister, you'll love her as a young woman trying to find her place in the world.

"How odd. How very, very odd."

Celeste Watkins is different. Other teens concern themselves with being cool and just getting by but Celeste is extraordinary and that isn't exactly seen as a good thing in high school. Extraordinary = weird = outsider. But she believes that once she graduates and is in one of the many colleges and universities that want her, she'll finally be free to be herself...or at least that's what she hopes with all heart.

"Hey, Celeste?"

"Hey, Justin?"

When Justin Milano pursues Celeste as a potential freshman for Barton College, Celeste finds a kindred spirit via email and, later on, text messages. Justin had his own share of what others may consider eccentricities so he can empathize with what Celeste goes through on a regular basis. As they become closer, he makes her feel like she can overcome whatever life throws at her.

"You're a lifesaver, Celeste."

"No, you are my lifesaver, Justin."

There's something wonderfully special about this book. You have two remarkable lead characters who add so much life and laughter to a story that keeps you emotionally invested from start to finish. Calling Flat-Out Celeste "quirky" would be an understatement in the best possible way. Being able to see what's been happening with Matt and Julie, the lead characters from Flat-Out Love and Flat-Out Matt, and the roles they play in the love story of Celeste and Justin is a definite bonus, especially for a fan like me.

I have yet to come across a Jessica Park book that I didn't enjoy and I've loved almost all of the ones I've read so far, Left Drowning being my absolute favorite of all (I gave it 5+ stars on Goodreads) and a book I still consider a must-read for anyone and everyone. She's an undeniably gifted writer who's able to weave stories that stand out among the rest and those stories stay with you. 

I'm happy to say that Flat-Out Celeste lived up to my expectations and when it comes to Jessica Park, those expectations are quite high. It'll make you laugh and it may very well make you tear up but I'm positive that it will make you smile. ^.^ Consider any warm fuzzies an extra! ^.^ This is one of the best books to come out this year and if you haven't read it yet then there is something seriously wrong with you. Five stars for Flat-Out Celeste! ♥

Date read: 03 August 2014

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