Review: "Rogue" by Katy Evans

Rogue is the fourth book in the Real series by Katy Evans and is the first one not to focus on Remington Tate and Brooke Dumas, the lead characters from the first three books. Rogue can be read as a standalone and I consider it to be the best among the currently available books in the series so far. ^.^

When Melanie Meyers meets Greyson "Zero" King, there's immediate sexual chemistry and Melanie begins to feel that their connection is special and that he may be "the one". But their one night together almost feels like a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am moment when he doesn't contact her or reply to any of her texts. 

Greyson knows the best thing to do would be to stay away from Melanie, especially since their "chance" encounter wasn't exactly what it seemed to be...but he can't help himself. Greyson and Melanie's first night together sparks an addiction to each other. They're both keeping secrets from one another, only Greyson happens to know what Melanie's are, and when those secrets come to light, is each ready to risk everything for the other?

Rogue was a book that had its fair share of drama, suspense, humor, sex, and romance. Melanie and Greyson may seem like they have little in common but it's as if they're each other's missing piece, helping to make the other feel whole or complete. Yes, I know that sounds cheesy but when you read the book, you'll see what I mean. ^.^ Melanie's been looking for her ideal guy in all the wrong places and Greyson simply hasn't been looking, so when these two come together, even though the circumstances aren't ideal, you know that they'll realize they're perfect for each other.

I've had somewhat of a roller coaster ride in terms of how I feel about the three previous books. I liked Real and Remy, the first and third books in the series, and gave them both four stars. The second book, Mine, wasn't a favorite of mine and I only ended up giving it three stars. However, Rogue takes the cake among them all because I LOVED this book and am giving it the five stars it deserves. You can't help but become addicted to both Greyson and Melanie and theirs is a story that's worth reading. ♥

Date read: 02 August 2014

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