Review: Order of Protection by Lexi Blake (Courting Justice #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by Berkley Publishing Group.

Lexi Blake's newest series has officially kicked off, and Order of Protection has proven to be one hell of a fantastic start! The Courting Justice series is a spin-off of the author's Lawless trilogy--which was a spin-off of Blake's Masters & Mercenaries books--although you don't necessarily need to read any of the previous series in order to fully enjoy this new trilogy. However, I'm going to poke and prod you in the direction of the Lawless books because that's my personal favorite from the author (mainly because I have yet to read her bestselling--and rather vast!--Masters & Mercenaries collection). If you have read the Lawless series, then there may be a couple of characters in the author's latest series that should be familiar, namely Henry Garrison from Ruthless, who was the lawyer for Ellie Lawless neĆ© Stratton, and Noah Lawless from Revenge, a lawyer and youngest among all the Lawless siblings.

Thirty-seven-year-old defense attorney Henry Garrison is known as the Monster of Manhattan, and it was a moniker he bore proudly for years. And then everything fell apart--his marriage, his career, his reputation. Now, the nickname is no longer about how tenacious he is as a lawyer. He's trying to keep his sobriety in check and trying to be the man that his grandparents would have been proud of. He appreciates the trust his best friend and fellow lawyer, David Cormack, has put in him and in the funding their new partner, Noah Lawless, has put into their new practice. When he meets twenty-nine-year-old Win Hughes, he thinks he doesn't have much to offer, but their connection is undeniable. Their tryst in Massachusetts was a temporary but unforgettable moment in time, but when she's accused of murdering her best friend, David is gobsmacked to learn Win lied. She's none other than Taylor Winston-Hughes, an actress and celebrity, and if it's one thing David doesn't want a repeat of, it's to be hung up on a woman in the same business as his ex-wife. He'll take Win's case, but all she'll be just another client. Right?

Without giving too much away, this romantic suspense read started with Henry and Win meeting in Martha's Vineyard and engaging in a hot affair. Once Win's best friend is found murdered and Win become the prime suspect, the suspense aspect of the story kicks in, and this leads to her meeting Henry once again in New York, although this time as attorney and client. Henry learns Win didn't disclose the truth about her identity, but these two have a very strong connection, and the chemistry between them sizzles all throughout. There's a whole lot of tension that goes on, but as much as I'm taken by the romance, I'm also equally invested in the mystery and suspense. Who really killed Win's best friend and what motive could they have had to take a life? If the rest of the Courting Justice series is as good as Order of Protection, I dare say that Lexi Blake's got yet another winner of a trilogy on her hands. I highly recommend this book to Blake fans and lovers of romantic suspense reads. Five stars! ♥

Date Read: 07 June 2018

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