Review: All I Want by Megan Lowe (Rocking Racers #5)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by Hot Tree Publishing via Give Me Books Promotions.

All I Want is the fifth book in the Rocking Racers sports romance series penned by Megan Lowe and released by Hot Tree Publishing. This is a shorter read compared to the first four novels and the first one that's an M/M romance. This novella features a friends-to-lovers slash second chance romance between best friends Jake Ellis and Bishop Royal. They've been in love with one another for almost all of the years of their friendship but neither one has owned up to nor done anything about it. With Bishop a known sports figure in the world of Freestyle BMX and his domineering father's homophobic comments, he's been forced to keep his sexuality under wraps. But when everything comes to a head, Bishop impulsively makes his move on Jake. With declarations of love for each other, you'd think everything should be peachy keen with these two, but when Bishop makes a choice that may lead Jake to make a difficult decision, will Bishop fight for everything he wants?

This is a read that brings with it serious issues such as drug and alcohol addiction as well as homophobia, but I was surprised to find that they were more skimmed over than truly tackled in depth. Bishop's issues were clear, but how he managed to overcome his demons wasn't exactly delved into, which is rather disappointing. Even the romance between Bishop and Jake wasn't as at the forefront as I would have expected. Instead, we get Bishop trying to become the man that he believed Jake deserved after Jake makes a decision that affects both of them in the hope that it was what was best for Bishop. So basically, there's a lot of Bishop delving into addiction and then he makes amends for it and then there's trying to find that love he once had for his sport. So, basically, the romance takes a backseat, and instead, it becomes Bishop's story of redemption and healing.

There are a handful of supporting characters here, and even cameo appearances from characters in the previous Rocking Racers books, but the most memorable one had to be eighteen-year-old Kyle Vincent whose favorite biker just happened to be twenty-four-year-old Bishop Royal. I liked the back and forth between the two, which is actually a wee bit sad, since the romance is supposed to be between Bishop and Jake; instead, we see the relationship between Bishop and Kyle develop from adversaries to mentor-mentee and then to friends. There's a bit more than flirting that goes on between, and if I'm being honest here, I actually forgot about Jake for a while since it was all about Bishop. The number of years Bishop and Jake have been in love with one another didn't match, but I'm hoping that was fixed prior to the release of the final version of the book. All I Want had a story and characters with potential; unfortunately, it wasn't fully met. This novella gets three stars. ♥

Release Date: 02 June 2018

Date Read: 01 June 2018

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