Review: Spring Break by Elle Keaton (Accidental Roots #3)

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Yes! We finally get Carroll Weir's story with the third and latest release in Elle Keaton's Accidental Roots series. The suspense element continues to be present in Spring Break, but just like the two books before it, we've got a fair amount of romance happening between Weir and none other than the Loft's bartender, Sterling Bailey. The federal investigator would like nothing more than to wrap up his time in Skagit, Washington, hoping for some sunshine instead of the dreary weather in the small town. However, he ends up being assigned to a case that has him trying to figure out who would want a detective with Fish and Wildlife dead and if it's all connected to the smuggling of geoducks. Whether the killer has Weir in his crosshairs doesn't stop Weir and Sterling from indulging their baser needs. What may stop them, though, is their respective pasts. Could what they have go beyond the here and now?

These two were electric together, and boy, did I enjoy their story from start to finish. The pacing was on-point, as was the character development. Twenty-five-year-old Weir and thirty-two-year-old Sterling had certain things that they had to deal with, especially if they wanted something more. But how is that even possible if Weir wants out of Skagit, the same Skagit that Sterling considers home? Both Weir and Sterling caught my attention in the earlier books, so I loved getting to know both of them even better here. These two made sense together, and add their romance to the intriguing case that Weir was handling, and I was hooked. Nothing could have distracted me from both the love story and the mystery, and I loved that we were still able to keep tabs on the first two couples in the series--Adam Klay and Micah Ryan and Joey James and Buck Swanfeldt. Spring Break is my favorite so far. 4.5 stars. ♥


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Date Read: 11 June 2017

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