Review: Love & Hope by RJ Scott writing as Rozenn Scott (Stanford Creek #2)

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Love & Hope is the second book in the Stanford Creek series from author RJ Scott writing under the pen name Rozenn Scott. Both introduced in the series starter, Notes & Roses, stationery store owner Rachel Mercer and Danny Hudson, single father to baby Hope and seemingly soon-to-be former Hudson Hart boy band member, get their own shot at the happy ending her cousin Megan Campbell and his best friend Cody Brennan received in the previous novel. Rachel currently dates only one type of guy: losers. Danny's life is now all about Hope, especially with her congenital heart problem making him extra cautious, but he can't deny how attracted he is to Rachel. But Rachel purposely distances herself every single time Danny gets a tad too close. She may not know Danny all that well, but one thing she knows for certain is how much he loves Hope and that so doesn't make him one of the losers she dates. Danny has a lot of things going on, what with his ex-wife's demands and his future still uncertain and Rachel is clearly keeping something hidden from everyone, but he still wants the one thing she may never be able to give him: more.

This second in the series shows just how much more there was to Rachel than meets the eye. There's a reason why she's as selective as she is when it comes to men and why she turns cold when it comes to Danny who represents the kind of man that could break down every single one of her defenses. I have a thing for single dads in romance novels (okay, even in movies and television shows), especially ones as devoted as Danny is to little Hope. There's no doubting he's a good guy and not just because of how he is with his daughter. He's careful with Rachel but pushes her enough out of her comfort zone to get something other than indifference from her. I also like how he does his best to make amends to Cody for what happened between them over a year ago. While the over-protectiveness among the Campbell and Mercer cousins felt a bit overboard in the first book, it wasn't too much here, with Rachel getting more of what I saw as concern and support from her brother Kyle and her cousin Megan. Love & Hope was a really good love story that had a fair amount of angst balanced out with lighthearted moments. It gets four stars. ♥


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Date Read: 03 September 2016

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