Review: Jagger by Heather C. Leigh (Broken Doll #2)

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Cliffhangers are evil and when you're made to wait for months on end for the continuation of the story, it can often be tortuous. Thank goodness there are now authors who release the next book in a duet or series just a couple of weeks apart and one of those just happens to be Heather C. Leigh. Junkie, the first novel in her Broken Doll series ended with a dreaded cliffhanger, but lo and behold, two weeks later, and we have the resolution we've been waiting for! From the beginning, readers are told this is going to be a duet, so yes, everything gets resolved quite nicely in Jagger, but do not doubt for a minute that it was packed with action, drama, and of course, romance and sex. Miri Murphy and Jagger Bosman do, indeed, finally get their happily-ever-after, but it's one that's fought for with a hell of a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and bullets.

Miri is taken and Jag needs to figure who's behind her abduction and what it is they're after. As it becomes increasingly clear that Miri is the pawn meant to bring Jag to his knees, he knows he needs to let the Boss take charge, the persona that can get the job done. He's ready to do whatever it'll take to get her back. Miri is his just as much as Jag is hers and whoever took her is going to be in a world of pain. But when suspicions grow that there could be a traitor in his midst, Jag is unsure who he can and cannot trust. Miri made his dormant heart beat again and his once broken heart belongs to her alone. As each day drags on by without Miri by his side, Jag fears what she could be going through. He knows his enemies will try to break the woman he loves, but knowing Miri is waiting for him to save her makes him far more dangerous.

If this sequel were simply all about Jag rescuing Miri from her captors, I would have been okay with it, but Heather C. Leigh take things several steps further and gave readers a duet closer that was so much more than what I was hoping for. The suspense is heightened here, as time ticks by while Jag tries to get to Miri. It was clear from the first book that there was someone close to Jag who was betraying him, and figuring out who it was wasn't all that difficult. The manner in which that particular aspect of the story was a teeny, tiny bit disappointing because I wanted the person to suffer far more than they did (they frickin' deserved it) but that's just the bloodthirsty part of me speaking. In terms of story and characters, Jagger did Junkie proud and these two together make up one of my favorite duets so far this year. Jagger receives five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 29 September 2016

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