Review: Junkie by Heather C. Leigh (Broken Doll #1)

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Admittedly, I don't read as many dark romances as I do romantic comedies or romances that have angst and drama. I have to be in the mood to read a dark romance in order to fully appreciate it, and I was certainly in the mood to read Junkie. This first in the Broken Doll duet from author Heather C. Leigh, the junkie in the story is Miri Murphy, a young woman in her early twenties hooked on heroine. When her boyfriend of sorts fails to return with her much needed hit, she decides to head to the home of his boss. Apprehended by his goons, Miri finds herself face to face with a man either called "The Boss" or "Boss Man". She expects to pay for her transgression with either her body or her life because she sure as hell doesn't have the money. What the Boss does next shocks her. He insists on her staying in his home--under lock and key, of course--and even provides her daily dose of H. His kindness and generosity are surprising, but he can also be harsh and demanding. What could a powerful man like him want with a junkie like her?

He may be only twenty-eight, but Jagger Bosman looks older, even without him trying to do so by maintaining the beard and put-together persona. He gets what he wants, using whatever means necessary, and what he wants is Miri Murphy, only he shouldn't want her as much as he does. Hell, he shouldn't want her at all. She showed up skulking around on his property some time after Jag did away with her boyfriend who was skimming from their product in order to feed her heroine habit. She was filthy and on edge, but even beneath the grime and desperation, Jag saw something that drew him to her. His decision to make her stay in his home was one not every man under his employ agreed with. He needs to keep his distance, but like a moth to the flame, Jag is finding it increasingly difficult to remain detached from Miri, whether physically or otherwise. He may be a drug dealer and she a druggie, but he wonders if she could ever want more than drugs from him. She may be the one addicted to H, but Jag is very much addicted to the junkie.

Talk about a palpable connection! Miri and Jag had it in spades in this novel. They may have been strangers in the beginning but their lives quickly become intertwined in such an ironic manner. They've got the lust thing down pat, but there's also the curiosity that lingers, one that makes the other want to know far more than they thought possible. There's no insta-anything going on and the story plays out in an unexpected but almost exhilarating manner. From the prologue--which is bound to have you looking at the rest of the characters in the story with much suspicion, trying to figure out who it was--until the evil cliffhanger ending (gah!), I found myself under the influence of this well-crafted tale of addiction, redemption, and love. Both Jag and Miri are more than just dealer and addict. They have individual stories to tell, and while it's obvious their journey apart and together is not going to be an easy one, I was oddly cheering them on. Junkie gets five stars, with the now less than two-week wait for Jagger beginning. ♥

Date Read: 16 September 2016

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