Review: Dirty Talk by S.L. Scott (Talk to Me #2)

"I told you the truth because I knew I owed you that much, but you owe me something too." 
"What is that?" 
"My heart. It's been a long damn time since I felt whole and I'm tired of feeling empty." I walk to the door. I knew better and yet, here I am arguing with him over the past. There's no going back for us and moving forward will never be anything more than working acquaintances. That much is clear to me now. 
To my back, he says, "You've had your heart all along. You packed it up along with the rest of your shit the day you decided you needed to test how true my love was for you."

I read the first book in the Talk to Me series when it was still entitled Danny and the series was still called Models on Top. The series now goes by Talk to Me and Danny Weston's story is now Sweet Talk, but you know that quote from Shakespeare about a rose going by another name would still smell as sweet? Well, that's exactly the case here. I adored Sweet Talk and it's why I hopped on Dirty Talk and bought it once it was available and got the very pleasant surprise of getting two books for less than a dollar! Yep, Sweet Talk AND Dirty Talk were bundled together in what the author calls a "bonus book edition" and it was only 99 cents at the time. By the time you read this review, the price will have gone up by a couple of dollars, but that's still a steal since it's still the bonus book edition and that's cheaper than you buying the two books separately. Now, Sweet Talk set the bar quite high for Dirty Talk, both in terms of story and hero, because Danny Weston was book boyfriend material. Well, Luke Anders certainly met the challenge.

Aspiring film producer Luke Anders and equally aspiring screenwriter Jane Lewis grew up together and fell in love as teenagers. For a decade, they remained together, united by their love for each other, but they were headed in different directions, driven apart by their dreams. Two years and one botched attempt at reconciliation later, they're still in love with one another, but alongside that love is a great deal of hurt and pain brought about by lingering feelings of betrayal. When Jane learns that her screenplay was optioned for a movie, she's beyond thrilled. This was one of the things she's wanted for years, a dream she shared with her ex-boyfriend...and she's shocked to find out that she'll share it with him yet again because the executive producer is none other than Luke. They're now going to be in close proximity to one another for weeks until the film is wrapped. Will this be their opportunity to finally put an end to the chapter in their lives that was their love story, or could this very well be the second chance at claiming their forever?

Oh, Luke, Luke, Luke. Goodness. The lengths this man went to in order to show the only woman who's ever owned him--heart, body, and soul--that he was and will always be hers had me sighing again and again. Now I get why Luke and Danny are best friends. Gah! These men know how to love and when they find "the one", no matter how long it takes and how much effort is required, they're all in. There was a lack of communication going on between Luke and Jane, both assuming that the other one would get whatever they were thinking or feeling. They've held on to a lot of the anger and hurt that they've kept with and inside them for the two years they were apart. I felt Jane had more hang-ups but Luke's was far deeper than she had ever realized, and I guess that's what happens when a relationship falters. We spend all our time thinking about how the other has failed us and how everything affected us, but fail to consider the effects of a break-up on our partners. Dirty Talk is a five-plus-starred, first-rate second chance romance. ♥


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Date Read: 07 September 2016

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