Review: The Case of the Purple Pearl by Amber Kell & RJ Scott (End Street #5)

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The Case of the Purple Pearl is the fifth and most recent release in the End Street paranormal mystery M/M romance series from the writing team of Amber Kell and RJ Scott. Private detective and human hybrid Samuel Enderson and his vampire mate, Roberto aka as Bob, are back in fine form, sharing the spotlight with Idris, Prince of the Fae, and Halstein, a fae cursed to be a gargoyle, no thanks to Idris's mother, the Queen of the Fae. Idris and Hal's story is a second chance romance, having been forced apart by a meddling queen who didn't think a commoner like Hal was worthy of a royal like Idris. In order for the curse to finally be broken, a purple pearl from the sirens will have to be procured and the best person to acquire the pearl is none other than Sam. However, Sam hates the sirens and the feeling is quite mutual. Plus Sam is dealing with his own worries with as far Bob is concerned. His mate appears to be blocking Sam out from his thoughts, and Sam isn't sure why. With a curse waiting to be broken before Hal returns to his stone form forever, sacrifices will have to be made, leaving everyone's lives changed forever.

This has got to be my favorite story yet in this fantastic series! I love how there's a new case to be tackled in each book but there's a continuation of sorts from previous books, with past characters returning in order to assist Sam and Bob as best they can with whatever case is being looked into. Second chance romances are a favorite trope of mine and the additional touch of this involving two fae certainly made for interesting reading. I liked Idris and Hal and was into their love story as much as I was into what was happening with Sam and Bob. There are clearly secrets that Bob is keeping from Sam, proving that there is so much more that readers and fans of this series need to learn about Bob-the-Vampire. We do get a peek at his life and that part of this story segues into what will be the sixth book in End Street, The Case of the Guilty Ghost, which I'm already itching to get my hands and is due out on September 23. I loved Sam and Bob, the original couple in this series, get to be back in the spotlight for longer amount of time compared to the last two books, while still sharing it with Idris and Hal. Five stars for The Case of the Purple Pearl. ♥


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Date Read: 10 September 2016

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