Review: End Street Volume 2 by Amber Kell & RJ Scott (End Street #3-#4)

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End Street Volume 2 is composed of the third and fourth installments in the ongoing End Street series from the writing team of Amber Kell and RJ Scott and combines elements paranormal, mystery, and M/M romance to create interesting cases waiting to be solved by the growing cast of eclectic characters. Private detective and human--though maybe not as human as he keeps proclaiming or wishing he is--Sam Enderson and his vampire boyfriend Bob are still at the helm of the one-man, several-paranormal private investigation agency that Sam inherited from his late uncle, but they're also getting more than a fair amount of assistance from other paras, sometimes to Sam's seeming dismay. Books three and four are similar to the second book in the series, The Case of the Wicked Wolf, in that Sam and Bob are more of supporting characters with a new couple in every new installment so far, but their involvement remains vital in solving each case that walks--barges really--into Sam's office uninvited or that they stumble upon.

The Case of the Dragon's Dilemma is the story of Mikhail, who was introduced in the first book, The Case of the Cupid Curse, and is a vampire-siren hybrid, and Ryujin, a dragon shifter who takes his role as the captain of the Dragon Guards seriously. When the rescued child that Mikhail has been tasked to watch over is nearly taken once again by sirens through a portal that opens in one of the bathrooms, Mikhail is there to makes sure she is unharmed. But another unexpected guest comes through as well in the form of Jin. The truth about Mikhail's ward's identity comes out, but now, Mikhail and Jin, with the help of Sam and Bob need to find out who was behind the girl's kidnapping. Jin wanting to claim Mikhail as his mate brings in a whole new slew of complications but the seemingly mismatched pairing is what I've come to expect and like in this series. They mystery was at an all-time high with this third installment and, believe it or not, this was the first story I've ever read with a dragon shifter, and it colored me happily surprised.

The Case of the Sinful Santa has two new paranormals that join the fray on End Street: Zepharial Constantine, known as the Angel of Vengeance and cousin to Danjal Naamah, a demon and mate to werewolf shifter and pack leader Hartman Hunter--both of whom had their story told in book two, The Case of the Wicked Wolf--and Nick Klauson, a half elf and one of Santa Claus's kin. Zeph is looking for his cousin Dan but a detour to a bar has him meeting Nick. All it takes is one kiss for both of them to want more, only Zeph is called upon to help out Sam to find why the school Sam and Bob's daughter goes to is suddenly infested by zombies. It turns out that Nick knows a thing or two about battling the walking dead and working together with Zeph and the rest of the gang gives Nick and Zeph an opportunity to be in close quarters. With angels, elves, zombies, and a necromancer, this stood on its own, tied in by the paranormal and the original cast of characters while telling a creative story still in the mold of the all things End Street.

I enjoyed this second batch of stories in the End Street series and liked that there were new paranormal creatures that were added to the mix instead of the usual ones you find in the genre. Dragon shifters are new to me, as are elves, so getting to know Jin and Nick was fun. One continuing theme in the series appears to be how the couples find their fated matches or soul mates, and aside from Sam and Bob, with the former resisting the latter's charms for as long as he could before finally accepting they were simply meant to be together, there's an instant and acknowledged connection. Mikhail has been a favorite supporting characters and I was glad that he got his happily-ever-after with Jin, and Jin's own story piqued my interest because it was unlike anyone else's in the series so far. Zeph and Nick were cute and weren't overly angsty and the inclusion of zombies was a bonus. The End Street has me hooked on the weirdly wonderful world that revolves around Sam Enderson, and I want to read more. Four stars for Volume 2. ♥

Date Read: 27 August 2016

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