Review: Wanderlust by Roni Loren

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A good girl journalist still trying to shed her bad babe past and a bad boy musician who may have a bit of good guy in him after all. Aubrey Bordelon knows how to stay within the boundaries she, her parents, and almost everyone else in the world has set with as far as acceptable behavior is concerned, so when she's assigned by NOLA Vibe to interview the rock band Wanderlust--which is a  and locks eyes with Lex Logan, the band's lead singer and songwriter, she can't help but be tempted to break all those firmly set rules. But Aubrey broke the rules years ago and it cost her and her parents dearly. Now, she's trying to live the kind of life that's expected of her, not wanting to rock the boat in any sort of way...except Lex makes her feel like taking a few risks, risks that end up rocking both their worlds, leaving them both wanting things they know Lex can't give and that Aubrey would never ask for. Wanderlust needs to get to their next tour stop after New Orleans, but when they do, will Lex be leaving behind two broken hearts--his and his reporter's?

Wanderlust is a contemporary rock star romance from bestselling author Roni Loren and it's supposedly a standalone, but I'm kinda hoping that it'll be the first in a series featuring the members of the band by the same name instead (there are three other members aside from Lex Logan). This was a good read, although I did feel it faltered at times but due mostly to my own personal feelings about how the main characters chose to deal with the situations thrown their way. Aubrey Bordelon has tried very hard to be the kind of person that followed the straight and narrow because veering off in any other direction may lead to consequences and she knows all about consequences of bad behavior, has had to live with them since she was a teenager. So, she comes off, to a certain degree, as the epitome of a Southern lass--prim and proper but not afraid to throw in some sass when necessary, and it's that sass that has Lex Logan intrigued. But his past has taught him the pitfalls of being tied down, although being tied to Aubrey really appeals to him.

The chemistry between the main characters was there and I liked how they pushed each other's buttons and had a back and forth thing going, providing tension-filled but still fun-filled foreplay for both. I do think that they weren't as in love as they were being made out to be, and maybe it's because of the lack of interactions between them outside of about three intense ones in the book. I would have wanted a bit more development in their relationship, although that epilogue was really sweet and satisfying. Throwing in the ex-boyfriend makes for an intriguing complication, and the twist that involves him was something that I had guessed early on. It's that very twist that bothered me because Aubrey chose to do nothing about it rather than call his attention to it. Yes, her decision was a selfless one but it still like a whole martyr move and after all the crap thrown her way, she deserved better. Still, I enjoyed the story and again, I hope the other band members get their own stories told later on. I'm giving Wanderlust four stars. ♥

Date Read: 21 July 2016

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