Review: Rescuing Emily by Susan Stoker (Delta Force Heroes #2)

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Rescuing Emily is the second book in the Susan Stoker-penned romantic suspense Delta Force Heroes series and it’s a sequel that amps things in both the romance and suspense departments quite nicely, making for an exciting all-around read. One of the more memorable Delta Force members introduced in the first book, Rescuing Rayne, was Cormac “Fletch” Fletcher and who he was going to share his story with was hinted at there as well. Now, we get to know more about thirty-three-year-old Fletch and the single mother and precocious daughter renting the apartment above his garage, Emily (who I’m guessing is twenty-nine or thirty and works at the base’s PX store) and Annie Grant, a six-year-old kindergartener.

When Emily shows up at Fletch’s home to inquire about the apartment for rent, the two naturally become curious about each other. Fletch can see how determined Emily is to provide a safe home for her daughter Annie and he admires her for it. He’s also attracted to her, but he bides his time, not wanting to spook her in any way. What he doesn’t know is that Emily is just as attracted to him, but whatever fantasies they may have of each other are set aside when a stranger approaches Emily and puts her in a position that forces her to comply with his demands. When Fletch learns the truth, will it be too late or will he be able to save the mother and daughter that have grown to mean the world to him from one sick man seeking revenge?

I really enjoyed Fletch, Emily, and Annie’s story and I think a lot of it had to do with the dynamic that existed between Fletch and Emily and then Fletch and Annie, with Emily and Annie’s being a given already. I admit that the whole conflict that occurred was due more to a lack of trust and a whole lot of miscommunication between Fletch and Emily. Like I always say, when you want to know something, ask! But yeah, I get that it was necessary in this story because what caused it all was the turning point in the book. I liked Ghost Bryson in the series starter, but I do believe I liked Fletch just a little bit more and same goes with Rayne Jackson and Emily. Rescuing Emily exceeded my expectations and gets 4.5 stars. ♥


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Date Read: 23 July 2016

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