Review: Eminent Love by Leddy Harper

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Eminent Love, the latest standalone contemporary romance from author Leddy Harper, has me in a quandary of sorts. Before you go any further, I'm going to flat-out warn you that I'm going to mentioning spoilers in this review. Why? Because if I don't, you won't fully get why the book gets the rating that it does. It's not necessarily a low rating, but there's something about the book that simply turned everything around for me, making me take back what was five-star rating and lower it. If you haven't read the book yet, intend to read it, and want to keep things as spoiler-free as possible, I'm going to suggest that you skip my review, so that you don't feel like chucking your e-reader my way. Now, if you're cool with spoilers or have already read the book and are simply reading other reviews, then please feel free to go on reading...

For the most part, I liked the story of true love and second chances, but while I appreciated main character Creed Wallace deciding to fight for the love of his life and choosing to be by Layne Cooper's side, why wait a year to do so? These two were together for almost five years, from the time he was a junior and she was a freshman in college. When she chose to pursue her dreams elsewhere and invited him to be with her, he balked and chose to let go and stew in his self-righteous anger. Hello? This woman fought cancer and finally was at a point in her life where she wanted to live the life she had dreamed of. But fine. They both made choices that they felt were best for them as individuals and Creed was belatedly going to try and mend what was broken. Driving didn't make sense either since flying would've been faster, but go figure...

The end for Creed and Layne was one that I had a feeling was going to happen, but I loved the idea of a love like theirs being the kind that they wasn't measured in years together but in how their lives intertwined and became embossed in one another's hearts for the rest of eternity. Now, I would have been totally okay if the story had ended where it did at the final chapter. I was ready to give the book five stars, even with my not-too-happy feelings about Creed waiting for as long as he did to go after Layne. But then the epilogue happened. I'm sorry but I couldn't deal with how it came about. Was the attraction that was pointed out early on in the story supposed to be some sort of presumptive move so as to have the epilogue make sense? Out of all the women in the world, Creed seriously had to go with the love of his life's twin?!

Everyone has the right to move on after they experience the loss of a loved one, whether it be a significant other or someone of similar importance. We all think differently, and I could very well be alone in my opinion of how the story ultimately ended, but this review, after all, is me sharing how the book made me feel and what I took away from it. I had all these thoughts in my head about the actions of Creed and Drea--Layne's twin sister. Was he with her because she looked just like Layne? Was he attracted to Layne in the beginning because she looked like Drea, a girl he was kinda, sorta, maybe crushing on? Had the book ended with Creed and Drea and maybe consoling each other and holding hands, giving a hopeful touch while leaving it all up to fate would have been better than how it all turned out. 3.5 stars for Eminent Love. ♥

Date Read: 26 July 2016

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