Review: Burn by Elisabeth Grace (Duplicity #2)

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After the gutwrenching cliffhanger author Elisabeth Grace ended Hook with, she ends her Duplicity duet on a high, surpassing my expectations, which I confess were quite high considering how good the series starter was. Before you continue with this review, I'm going to warn you that I may mention something that could be considered to be a spoiler in connection with the first book. If you have yet to read the series, I highly suggest that you move on and skip this review for now or you remedy your misstep and get reading because the two books do need to be read in order, not just for a more complete reading experience, but because both Hook and Burn are interconnected and neither can be read as a standalone.

Burn finds single mother Emily Ross in shock after having learned that her son Daniel was abducted and killed by Marco Valenti's greatest foe. While he may not have pulled the trigger, Emily lays part of the blame at Marco's feet, believing that had he done something, Daniel would still be alive. Her love for Marco is quickly replaced by a need for vengeance and Emily isn't afraid to do what's required to get revenge for her son. For his part, Marco is devastated. Not only has he lost the boy he's grown to think of his own but he can feel Emily drifting farther and farther away from him. He can't tell her the secret he's been keeping but the one thing he can do is to make those who hurt her and Daniel pay for what they did.

Talk about one hell of an intensely heartrending read! What happened to Daniel has broken Marco and Emily and you wonder if it's even possible for them to come back from it all. What follows is a devastating devolution of sorts for Emily as she throws everything and everyone aside because her life now has one solitary purpose: revenge. Poor Marco seems like he's grasping at straws at first, trying to hold on to Emily and what they had, but he's being pulled in two different directions and is trying to make one thing happen while doing what he can with the other. I had a feeling about the twist in the story early on, though maybe you could label it more of wishful thinking on my end, but anything's possible in the books we read.

There are are suspenseful moments as Emily and Marco try to accomplish their respective goals as quickly as possible while the former no longer wants to have anything to do with latter. Somehow, though, the connection between the two is strong, even as Emily wishes she could deny its existence. Their relationship is a complicated one, but I loved the strength of character they both had, even if some of their actions may be deemed as reprehensible or demeaning. You do what you have to for the ones you love, but the duet is ultimately not about revenge; It's about redemption and forgiveness and family and love. Hook had me hooked and Burn left me with a burning desire for more Elisabeth Grace reads. Five stars! ♥


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Date Read: 26 July 2016

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