Review: "The Wild Side" series by R.K. Lilley

Note: Though released as three separate books, The Wild Side, Iris, and Dair, this review condenses everything and basically discusses the series as a whole. ^.^ 

Alasdair "Dair" Masters is 40 years old and could be the poster child for antisocial behavior. He's divorced from a woman he was married to for more than half his life only for her to cheat on him inside their home. He hasn't really had a deep or meaningful relationship with anyone for a while now. After his messy split from his gold digging ex-wife, he prefers to keep his life as tidy and compartmentalized as possible. 

That is, until he begins to notice the hot, young blonde who seems to make it a point to work out next to him every single day in the gym they're both members at. When the girl named Iris finally decides to initiate a conversation with him, he's taken aback by her flirtatious and sexually charged behavior but can't seem to stop himself when she offers him something he's never had.

From the moment they get together, Dair becomes addicted to anything and everything Iris. The very obvious age difference bothers him but it's her evasiveness and mysteriousness that truly occupies his thoughts. His doubts begin to get to him and he starts to question her intentions for coming on to and staying with him. He also finds himself following her one night, wondering what she does when she leaves his house. After one particularly heated discussion that leads to more sex, Dair is devastated to learn that Iris has simply disappeared.

After two months of not seeing her, Iris suddenly re-appears, and while the intense passion they have for each other is still evidently there, she is still as secretive and enigmatic as ever, never giving him direct answers to his queries. Added to that is the presence of a man named Heath. The questions not only remain but have increased. Still, Dair and Iris can't stay away from each other for too long. This time, however, it isn't purely physical on either of their parts. Dair knows Iris has been lying to him but he doesn't get the complete truth from her because she goes missing yet again.

Dair tries to go on with his life but he knows what he wants and it's Iris. When an unexpected opportunity to see her again presents itself, he doesn't even hesitate. Their reunion is heartbreakingly sweet and unbelievably steamy. Dair finally gets a few answers to the questions that have been niggling him. Their time together is short and time passes before he sees her again. Desperate to spend an extended period of time with Dair, Iris comes up with a plan and while all seems well, she ups and disappears again. 

And then Dair finally puts the pieces of the puzzle that is Iris together, with some help from the Heath. After discovering the truth, Dair isn't sure what was real and what wasn't in what he and Iris had together. When he believes he's finally lost Iris for good, Dair is in for a surprise that shakes up his world and finally brings clarity and realization to what he and Iris truly shared.

The series as a whole was written in a way that made you crave for answers to the very same questions that Dair had. I'm personally glad that I had all three books available when I decided to read the series because the cliffhangers would have gotten to me and even though each book was released about a month apart, that would still have been too long a wait for me to get resolution from a story like this. ^.^ 

I figured out who Iris was in the second book but everything else was still a mystery to me until it was all laid out in the last chapters of the third book. Was she a criminal on the run or some sort of spy or something else entirely? Who was Heath? Was he her pimp, her handler, or more? See? This is what I loved about this series--it kept you on your toes, wondering the real story was amid all the sex scenes. ^.^

Each book is part of a serial so they can be read relatively quickly. I read all three in one sitting, so there was a feeling of them being just one full-length novel. I've always enjoyed author R.K. Lilley's books and The Wild Side Series series definitely did not disappoint. It gets an overall rating of 4.5 stars. ♥

Individual ratings:
The Wild Side - 4 stars
Iris - 4.5 stars
Dair - 5 stars

Date read: 29 August 2014

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