Review: "Stars & Stripes" by Abigail Roux

My name is Jen and I am a Ty and Zane fangirl. ^.^

Stars & Stripes is the sixth book in the Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux, and since we met FBI Special Agent Ty Brady's family in the second book, Sticks & Stones, it's now time for us to meet FBI Special Agent Zane Garrett's clan. Ty's family may have been a tad off-kilter but Zane's is...well...suffice it to say that when his mother makes her entrance, you'll get why he stayed away for as long as he did. >.<

Readers are taken to West Virginia and then to Texas in this sixth installment. Aside from family issues, this book sees Ty and Zane's relationship go from something that they had to keep hidden to something that they could share with those who mean the most to them. The fact that they thought they were doing really well with all the secrecy only to realize that what they were feeling for each other was pretty difficult for certain members of their respective families to miss proves that true love hides from no one. ^.^ I ♥ Chester Grady and Harrison Garrett!

Now, this wouldn't be a Cut & Run novel if it didn't have shots being fired and crimes needing to be solved. After all, that's what leads Zane to head back home to Texas. Zane receives a phone call from his sister informing him that their father has been shot. He flies to their family ranch immediately, years after having last been there. Even while trying to figure out what's going on with the shooting and the trespassers on their land, Zane misses Ty but knows that Ty can't take time off to be with him. But you know Ty... ^.^

Are the crimes being committed connected to the land they own or to the big cat sanctuary close to the Garrett Ranch or could it be something else completely? When Ty and Zane figure out what's been happening, the culprits are closer to home than they realize, making the situation even worse than it was to begin with. In the process, they will need to protect those that are the most innocent in the situation.

I loved that I didn't know who the bad guys were until they were right there in front of me! And trust me, I'm the kind of reader that's constantly trying to figure out what's happening and why, so when something catches me off guard, I become rather impressed. ^.^ Then, you've got the whole coming out to the family stuff, Barnum, and all the Ty and Zane moments... Le sigh. I'm a VERY happy camper. ♥

So, how should I rate Stars & Stripes? I re-read the book earlier today to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything for this review and I still smiled like a lovesick fool and still got the thrills and chills as if it were the first time I was reading it. ^.^ I know, I know. You probably think I'm waaaaay too obsessed with this series but what can I say? These books are just too difficult to resist. Stars & Stripes = five stars. ♥

Date read: 23 August 2014

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