Review: "Resisting the Musician" by Ally Blake

Resisting the Musician by Ally Blake is the first book in the Head Over Heels series from Entangled Indulgence. I decided to check the book out after having been approved to read the ARC for the second book in the series, Reforming the Rock Star by Christine Bell, so that I wouldn't miss anything. You know how I am with reading books in the correct order... obsessive much? ^.^

Lori Hanover is the owner of a bridal shoe company, Calliope Shoes, that was successfully making its name in the fashion industry when news of her younger sister, Callie, and the very famous rock star husband-to-be, Jake Mitchell, of a well-known country singer who just happened to be a client of theirs fell in love with each other, thus ending the engagement of said celebrity couple. Now, other clients are steering away from their company, afraid of the bad publicity that's been hounding Calliope Shoes since the news broke. What she needs now is something to put a positive spin on Callie and Jake's infamous romance and it comes in the form of a song her sister wrote for her rock star fiance and the fiancé's very sexy best friend and former band member.

Dash Mills walked away from the career that brought him fame and fortune after not learning of his beloved great uncle's passing until after the end of the band's tour, no thanks to an overly ambitious and zealous woman who thought about herself more than she did Dash. Since then, he's still carrying the burden of not being at his Uncle Pete's bedside and lives quietly in his secluded home with his two dogs and has occasional visits from friends. When he meets Lori Hanover, he recognizes her as being the sort of woman he should stay away from. But while he doesn't appreciate her disturbing his solitude, he does appreciate what he sees before him.

Okay, I'm going to just come out and say it: I didn't really like Lori. I don't know if it was her being overly ambitious or how she was willing to use her sister's love story and twist it just to benefit their company. She preferred blaming Jake more than Callie for all the bad press. It takes two to tango and obviously Callie didn't really worry too much about the ramifications of her own actions. I get that her difficult childhood made her the woman she is today but still...I ended up feeling like she didn't deserve Dash at all.

The story itself was pretty good but I didn't really feel too much chemistry between Lori and Dash for the first half of the book. Even the bits and pieces we get of Callie and Jake seemed more plausible than Lori and Dash falling for each other. Lori just seemed to tightly wound and I honestly continued reading it more for Dash than I did for her. I'm giving Resisting the Musician 3.5 stars, majority of which is due to one Dash Mills. ♥

Date read: 22 September 2014

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