Review: "From the Hat Down" by Andi Marquette

From the Hat Down is the sequel to From the Boots Up, both written by Andi Marquette. This takes place ten years after the events in the first book. We find Meg and Gina leading separate lives yet still connected by shared memories of their time together. Many things have happened and they may have gone through their own changes as individuals but they're both wondering if true love deserves a second chance.

Dr. Meg Tallmadge is part of a successful veterinary practice, maintains a great and open relationship with her father, Stan, will always have a family and a home at the Diamond Rock Ranch, and has good friends that she can always count on (even though they have a bad habit of being a tad nosy from time to time). On the down side, her mother still can't seem to accept the fact that she's gay (too many years and counting), she feels guilty about feeling relief more than sadness over the end of her most recent relationship, and she can't seem to stop thinking of Gina Morelli.

Ten years after they first met and eight years after Meg decided to end things so that Gina could take the overseas assignment that would have benefited her career, the two women seem to be reminiscing about one another. They've never forgotten each other, even though their communication has waned over the years. Now they've both reached a crossroads in their respective lives, wanting change...and maybe a comeback. ^.^

This sequel is much longer than the first book so if you're expecting a quick read, get ready to put in a couple of hours or more. There's a lot of stuff that goes on that gives you a better idea of what Meg does as a veterinarian but, after a while, it did get to me because I felt it wasn't 100% necessary to put all that stuff in there. I mean, I'm all for a slow burn romance but that's when the book is mostly about the relationship. But hey, maybe I'm just naturally impatient. Hehe.

I did like the subplot involving Haley Roberts and enjoyed how the clinic's staff and her friends gave Meg advice and got actively involved in her personal life. Also, having Meg and Gina reconnect on a more than "checking to see how you're doing" level was great and the fact that Meg didn't immediately jump at reconciling with Gina showed that the book wasn't about simply getting thess two back together but also about the inner struggle that was involved in getting to that point.

Overall, this was an enjoyable, albeit lengthy, read that may be of interest to those wanting a love story about second chances and how looking back to your past can give you a better idea of what you want and need for the present and the future. ^.^ If you read From the Boots Up and want to find out whatever happened to the summer romance of Meg and Gina, you'll want to check out From the Hat Down. Four stars! ♥

Date read: 20 September 2014

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