Review: "Acts of Faith" by A.M. Arthur

Acts of Faith is the fourth installment in the A.M. Arthur-penned series Cost of Repairs. Book four continues the story of Sam and Rey, whose story started with book one, Cost of Repairs. Both men have come far in terms of their relationship, having been together for a year and a half and finding in one another the love and support that they both need and deserve. You would think that after everything they went through in the first book, they would easily weather whatever storms come their way...but even the strongest of relationships can be tested to its breaking point.

Reign "Rey" King shares a home with the man he loves but still yearns for the young daughter taken away from him by her maternal grandparents. While trying to get his catering business off the ground with a potential new partner named Daniel Weller, he receives word of the sudden death of his daughter's grandmother and is soon approached by the grandfather, who wants to do what is best for his granddaughter, Faith.

Samuel "Sam" Briggs wants to help Rey in any and every way he can, both with Faith and the catering business. However, he knows that Faith only has one father and finding his role in their instant family is growing increasingly difficult, especially since Rey seems to not trust him 100% with Faith. Add to that his unease with Daniel and the return of his debilitating migraines, which appear to now be stress-induced, and Sam finds himself at a loss.

I was thrilled that this fourth installment was the direct sequel to Sam and Rey's story. After reading the first installment, I noted that the issue regarding Faith had yet to be settled so having it resolved here was a big deal for me. ^.^ I loved how these two dealt with the new struggles they were facing in their relationship and that they were still navigating their way to strengthening what they had. The inclusion of Daniel was also interesting since Sam being a bit jealous of him provided a new dimension to his personality. Possessive Sam was cute. ♥

You're probably sick of me saying this BUT I really, really, REALLY believe you guys should read the books in the Cost of Repairs series in order instead of trying to read them as standalones. They're all interconnected and familiarizing yourselves with the characters and stories before heading to this one will make the reading experience even more enjoyable. ^.^

Acts of Faith is my favorite book in the series so far. ^.^ Sam and Rey had their problems and they didn't always deal with them the best way possible but the one constant was the love they had for each other. Were there moments that I wanted to smack one or both of them for the way they were acting towards each other? Yeah, more Rey than Sam, but I understood why they acted the way they did, making them more realistic and human. And that ending? Totally squee-worthy! Five stars! ♥

Date read: 06 September 2014

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