Review: The Gossip and the Grump by Pippa Grant (Three BFFs and a Wedding #2)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions.

The Gossip and the Grump is the second novel in Pippa Grant's Three BFFs and a Wedding, and if there were any title I would take for my own autobiography, it would be the one for this book because I am both a gossip and a grump. Kidding aside, this novel may be read as a standalone since it has a new couple, but I also highly recommend you check out the series starter, The Worst Wedding Date, where the female main character here and a few recurring characters are introduced. The male main character isn't in book one, BUT he does have a connection to someone there. Basically, there's no harm in reading the books in the series in order, particularly because there are potential spoilers.

Sabrina Sullivan is a gossip, and it's not a label that she denies either. She knows what's happening in her hometown of Snaggletooth Creek, Colorado, and she tucks away those tidbits of information, doing her best to use them for good. But as good of a gossip as she may be, she had no idea that the hot guy who has a thing for bees and kombucha that she spent an entirely remarkable evening with and summarily ghosted the next day is the very same person who recently bought the café that's been in Sabrina's family for generations. It's the place where Sabrina was born nearly thirty years ago, but her history with and devotion to it doesn't matter to thirty-three-year-old Greyson Cartwright. The self-made millionaire has his reasons for purchasing the Bean & Nugget, and no one, not even the woman he can't stop thinking about, will derail Grey's plans for vengeance.

Two books in and I'm beginning to suspect that the heroes in the Three BFFs and a Wedding are giving all the guys who came before them in Pippaverse a run for their money. Grey is...a grump. There's just no denying it, but there's also so much more to him, and the grumpiness is actually warranted when you learn of all the unpleasant stuff he's had to deal with from the moment he came into the world. There's a lot about him that I could relate to. Then there's Sabrina, and while she was very much a gossip, she was NOT a gossipmonger. She was also fiercely protective of the Tooth and those that meant the world to her. While Grey and Sabrina did have a one-night stand, everything that followed felt very much like a slow burn romance. I really liked these two together, and the supporting cast of characters stood out, especially Grey's nibling, Zen, and Sabrina's furbaby, Jitter. There's a bit of a cliffhanger with regards to Emma and her situation and whoever's involved with it, so color me excited. 4.5 stars go to The Gossip and the Grump.


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Release Date: 05 October 2023

Date Read: 04 October 2023

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