Release Blast: Whiskey Nights and Neon Lights by Ashley James

Whiskey Nights and Neon Dreams
by Ashley James
Release Date: October 27, 2023

About Whiskey Nights and Neon Dreams
The memory of Josiah DeMille has haunted me for close to a decade. 
The way he looked.
The way he smelled.
The way his lips felt pressed against mine, even when they shouldn’t have been.

The one person I’ve never been able to get over.
The one singular part of my past I’ve never been able to move on from.

In every lyric sung into the microphone, in every chord strummed on the guitar, in the bottom of every single whiskey bottle, he’s there.
His memory has me in a chokehold
His absence a gaping hole in my chest.
I gave up years ago wondering if I’d ever stop thinking about him.

Josiah DeMille is the ghost of my past. A past I left behind after my rock bottom.

Now he’s back, and he’s everything I remember him to be and more.
As mesmerizing as ever, a malt perfectly aged in an oak barrel.

But there are dark secrets and shameful lies between us, blurred lines, and an underlying temptation that we’ve never been able to ignore.
It’s a recipe for disaster, an imminent train wreck.

Where will we sit once the dust settles and the truth comes out?

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About Ashley James
Ashley James is a romance author who enjoys writing (and reading) LGBTQIA+ books. She is from Washington State—and no, not Seattle—and currently resides in South Carolina with her two kids and hairless kitties, Goose, Maverick, and Houston.

Ashley is introverted and slightly (okay, majorly) awkward. She refuses to make this section sound like a tacky dating app profile, so she won't be telling you how much she enjoys music, how she thoroughly enjoys dancing and singing in her kitchen, despite not being able to carry a tune, and she won't be telling you about her love of toxic and broken fictional men.

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