Audio Review: I'm Your Guy by Sarina Bowen, narrated by Jacob Morgan & Teddy Hamilton (Hockey Guys #2)

Note: An advance listener copy (ALC) was provided by the author.

"You aren't listening, Carter. You're not some free sample that I tasted in order to decide whether I like dudes. You are the dude. The one who made me realize I want to change my life. So that I can have you."

There is no combination that I could possibly love more than Sarina Bowen's addictive words being read aloud by the narrating dream team that is Jacob Morgan and Teddy Hamilton. I'm Your Guy is their latest endeavor, and it's the second book in Bowen's Hockey Guys series. If you've read or listened to the first book, The New Guy, you may recall Tommaso DiCosta, a defenseman for the Colorado Cougars originally from New Jersey and having played for Trenton prior to a trade. Two years in, Tommaso has kept his head down and focused on being a team player. When he finally decides it's time to actually go from renting an apartment to owning one so his ailing mom has a more comfortable place to stay over the holidays, he realizes he's going to need help actually making it look like a home worth living in. Crossing paths with Carter Flynn outside of a furniture store feels like the powers that be throwing him a bone. Carter is an interior designer who quickly shows he's worth every penny Tommaso is paying him. Not only is he bringing light into casa de DiCosta, but Carter's the unexpected sunshine in Tommaso's life. But there's just no way that Tommaso can give what Carter deserves, not when he's yet to openly be honest about who he truly is. What will it take for both of them to admit to the other that "I'm your guy"?

Romance readers and listeners, do yourselves a favor and grab this book as soon as humanly possible. Yes, you can go into this story without having checked out the first one in the series, but why do that when here I am ready and willing to instill in you the fear of missing out on one of the best books of 2023? So please, dive into The New Guy and then I'm Your Guy (or vice-versa, whichever floats your boat) because I promise, they're both stories worth the time you put into them. Sarina Bowen does NOT disappoint with this second Hockey Guys installment, giving readers and listeners a slow burn, grumpy/sunshine hockey romance with main characters that make you fall in love with them just as they happen to be falling for each other. Tommaso's reluctance to be open about his sexuality was heartbreaking because so much of his anxiety was due to how certain relatives treated him. Then there's Carter's insecurities, no thanks to what he considered his failure in making the right choices both in his personal and professional lives. They came into one another's lives when they needed a touchstone--non-familial and non-platonic--the most. And I could think of no better twosome to bring Tommaso and Carter to life than the Jacob Morgan and the Teddy Hamilton. Five-plus hot diggity stars for I'm Your Guy.

Release Date: 10 October 2023

Date Listened to: 01 October 2023

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