Review: Glimmers of You by Catherine Cowles (Lost & Found #3)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

"I've been waiting for you for a long time, Caden Shaw. I just want to enjoy having you."

Returning to Cedar Ridge is something I always look forward to, and that's all thanks to the Hartleys and Catherine Cowles. I can't get enough of this family and journey each of the five siblings embark on with every single new book in Cowles's Lost & Found series. We're now on to the third book, and it's about the youngest sibling and the only girl, twenty-six-year-old Grae Hartley. Due to an incident that led to her Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, Grae's family is rather protective of her. She does, however, enjoy a greater sense of freedom working for Cedar Ridge Vacation Adventures, allowing her to take guests around the area and participating in fun activities while enjoying the great outdoors. Life is pretty good. The one dark cloud is the return of Caden Shaw, a year older than her and childhood best friend of one of her brothers. There was a time, though, that they had shared their own bond, one that he chose to walk away from and pretend no longer existed. Because maybe it actually doesn't anymore, not with over a decade of being iced out and his life taking him to New York. But when a persistent suitor can't take a hint, it's Caden who unexpectedly steps in and rescues Grae by pretending to be her boyfriend. The fake relationship would be a win-win since it would keep Caden's overbearing father of his back as well. But her feelings for him have always been achingly real, and someone seems determined to ensure there isn't any happily-ever-after.

Oh, dear. It was only three months ago when I thought to myself that Maddie and Nash were my favorite Catherine Cowles couple, and then along came Grae and Caden and... GAH!!! I totally felt for Grae, both when it came to how over-protective her family and friends were and her feelings for Caden. With the former, I could relate to her because I have asthma and I've had a few health bouts that have my family wary and cautious. At the age I'm at, I've realized that I'd rather have them like that because they care rather than the alternative. With the latter, my heart clenched in empathy because Caden chose to build that wall between them, and it was one that she could not break through for eleven years. I get it; for Caden, it was about self-preservation, but goodness, the temptation to give him a good shake was real. Speaking of Caden, I appreciated how Nash addressed the fact that Caden had kept him (and the rest of the Hartleys) at arm's length while still being supportive and understanding. Then there's Caden's family, and welp, you can't choose the one you're born into, but the guy certainly tried his best to be a good son and brother. As expected, the romance and suspense were perfectly balanced, which is merely part of the reason why Glimmers of You is a recommended five-plus-starred read.


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Release Date: 01 August 2023

Date Read: 25 July 2023

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