Release Blitz: For Nate by Jessamyn St. Claire

For Nate
by Jessamyn St. Claire
Date Released: August 22, 2023

About For Nate
A college student searching for love must face his worst fear to save his new friends from a sadist.

College senior Jacob Dawson moved to California to rekindle a previous relationship from several years past. When he meets and befriends Nate, a beautiful man who hides all his pain and baggage behind a pair of oceanic blue eyes and exuberant smile, Jacob is dragged completely into his life. Just when things are going smoothly between them, a man from Nate’s past returns, a sadist who is hell-bent on mentally and emotionally breaking Nate once more. Jacob must do whatever it takes to save Nate, even if that means stepping out of his comfort zone and facing his ultimate fear to do so.

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An Excerpt from For Nate
He looks like California.

Jacob couldn't help the wayward thought as he ogled the gorgeous young man behind him in line. The tall—a bit over six feet—lean-muscled guy had tawny skin for miles. His mid-length hair held a blend of gold-and-copper lowlights, and his hooded eyes were the color of the ocean. Dressed in a fitted graphic tee, cargo shorts, and flip-flops, the guy resembled an actor on vacation. Except why would an actor be on vacation in Fresno?

The current object of his adoration looked him in the eye with a playful grin, showcasing perfect white teeth. Of course. Everything about him would be flawless. Jacob wondered what other parts of him were as out of this world.

"Excuse me, sir."

As if snapped from a trance, Jacob turned toward the cashier who wore a pinched expression on her face as she held out his bag. His face grew hot. "Thanks," he mumbled, snatching his food and shuffling toward the door.

On his way out, Mr. Perfect averted his gaze, one elegant hand on his mouth to cover a laugh.

Jacob cursed himself as he hurried out of Chipotle toward his car. How could he have gotten caught up pining for a complete stranger? He never did stuff like that. Jacob sighed into the mild breeze, absentmindedly stroking his throat. It'd been way too long since he'd last fooled around. Not since he'd moved to California four years ago. And he didn't plan on going that route either, no matter the temptation.


Jacob froze with his key halfway into the driver's side door. He turned his head to the side to see the perfect blond rushing toward him. Jacob's stomach fluttered. "What?"

"Sorry for staring back there. I got nostalgic seeing your hat."

Jacob touched the bill of his Bulldogs cap, having forgotten he'd put the hat on today. "You like the Bulldogs?" he asked in a voice so low, he cringed.

"Oh yeah, I'm a huge fan. Fresno State was my alma mater. Are you a student there?"

Jacob didn't respond. He set his bag and bottles inside his car.

"I'm Nate," the guy continued. "Nathan, actually, but no one calls me that. What's your name?"

"I'm late, so I need to get going."

"Oh. Okay." Nate's shoulders dropped at Jacob's rejection, yet he tried to hide his obvious disappointment behind a grin. "Well, hope you have a good day. Go Bulldogs."

Jacob gave him a tight nod as he slid into the driver's seat and started his car. Nate jogged back to the restaurant. When he disappeared inside, Jacob lowered his head onto the steering wheel. He didn't know if he was doing the right thing or being a first-class idiot for turning away something like that.

About Jessamyn St. Claire
Jessamyn St. Claire is an up-and-coming author of gay fiction who loves to explore dark and psychological themes in her stories. She lives with her family in the South, and is currently on a journey to becoming a bestseller.

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