Release Blast: Splintered by Isabel Lucero

(Unlucky 13 #9)
by Isabel Lucero
Release Date: August 15, 2023

About Splintered
Welcome to Black Diamond Resort and Spa—the best place to go when all you want to do is disappear and not have anyone expect anything of you.

Overwhelmed with work and feeling like I’m being pulled in multiple directions at once, I crave the serenity a private island holds for me. As a very recognizable figure in the adult film industry, I’m used to shelling out parts of myself for the sake of others. Everyone wants more pictures, videos, and more of my time and energy. Though I’ve created an empire that has made me lots of money in a business I enjoy, I still desire a break.

Sandy beaches, fruity drinks, and turquoise waters are all I expected from this trip. I definitely didn’t anticipate running into my high school crush—the jock that never once looked at me the way I wanted him to.

Jarrod Bivens is now the star goalie of the San Jose Bobcats, and the person half the world is blaming for his team losing in the playoffs. Clearly here for his own escape, our chance encounter ignites an instant friendship. With each day on the island, I realize my crush is far from gone, but Jarrod’s known for only dating Hollywood starlets, so he’s obviously straight. Maybe those lingering gazes and small touches are all in my head.

But one day, something interesting arises between us—a moment I couldn’t have prepared myself for. Our mounting tension finally snaps, but little did I know it was only the beginning of a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Our chemistry is undeniable, but the real world awaits, and life off the island is bound to be much different. How can two people from completely different worlds ever make it work?


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About Isabel Lucero
Isabel Lucero is a bestselling author, finding joy in giving readers books for every mood.

Born in a small town in New Mexico, Isabel was lucky enough to escape and travel the world thanks to her husband’s career in the Air Force. She and her husband have three kids and two dogs together, and currently reside in Delaware. 

When Isabel isn’t on mommy duty or writing her next book, she can be found reading, or in the nearest Target buying things she doesn’t need.

Isabel loves connecting with her readers and fans of books in general. You can find her on social media and join her exclusive reader group

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