Book Spotlight: Dead Serious - Case #3: Mr. Bruce Reyes by Vawn Cassidy

Dead Serious - Case #3: Mr. Bruce Reyes
(Crawshanks Guide to the Recently Departed #3)
by Vawn Cassidy
Date Released: July 21, 2023

About Dead Serious - Case #3: Mr. Bruce Reyes
Tristan Everett was finally getting used to the strangeness that was his life. Being able to see the dead and helping them solve their unfinished business and cross into the light wasn’t so bad after all, especially when he was accompanied by his best friend, dead drag queen Dusty Le Frey. His boyfriend, sexy Scotland Yard detective Danny Hayes, now knew the truth about Tristan’s “gift,” and they were about to move in together officially.

Life was good.

That is until Death—honest to god, Death (aka The Grim Reaper)—pitches up in Tristan’s kitchen with an unusual request: stop Dusty’s ghostly hookup Bruce from crossing into the light, which may result in dire consequences, i.e an accidental apocalypse.

Determined to do the exact opposite, and avoid potentially the end of the world, Tristan and Danny assemble their own ragtag gang of one prickly witch, one snarky psychic private investigator, one living drag queen with an affinity for feathers, and one dead one with an affinity for a deceased rugby player in tiny shorts. Together they must solve a forty-year old cold case, while juggling a dose of the flu, a broken leg, a supernatural storm, and an immortal death deity with the looks and temperament of a sexy but grouchy CEO.

Seriously… what could possibly go wrong?

From author Vawn Cassidy comes the next instalment of this hilarious and sweet paranormal romance mystery series.

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An Excerpt from Dead Serious - Case #3: Mr. Bruce Reyes
“I don’t like leaving you while you’re this sick though.” Danny frowns again. “Maybe I should call Chan? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on you until I get home.”

For a moment I almost say yes. The thought of Chan keeping me company if Danny can’t be here is very appealing. God, when did I get so needy? I’ve spent years on my own, having to take care of not only my dad but myself.

A resigned sigh escapes my lips. “Danny, I’m sick, not six. I don’t need a babysitter,” I say reluctantly. “Besides, she’s been rehearsing all week for her new number at The Rainbow Room, and as much as she loves me, I can’t imagine she’ll be happy if she catches the flu from me the day before opening night.”

“Fine,” he huffs. “But you’ll call me if you need anything? I can pop home during my lunch break.”

“No, don’t,” I croak, listening to the howl of the wind and the constant downpour outside the bedroom window. “It’s probably not a good idea to go out in the storm any more than you have to.”

“I’m going to get you some water and some paracetamol. Do you want me to make you a cup of tea before I go?”

“’Kay.” My eyes close.

The bed jiggles again as Danny stands, his footsteps echoing as he crosses the room. Gathering up what little strength I have, I push myself up and flop unceremoniously onto my back, reaching out with one hand and fumbling on the bedside table for the box of tissues.

There’s a loud clatter, causing me to open my eyes as I knock the lamp over and several items, probably including my glasses, tumble to the floor. Feeling my fingers graze the cardboard box, I grasp hold of it and pull it over.

A quiet whine of misery escapes my mouth as the change of position shifts the pressure in my sinuses. Giving up on trying to actually blow my nose, I settle for jamming a tissue up each nostril to stem the constant drip.

Leaving the tissue box sitting on my chest, my hand flops back onto the bed and I lay diagonally across the mattress like a starfish. My eyes drift closed again, and I feel the flutter of the tissues “against my top lip while my mouth hangs open so I can breathe.

Danny re-enters the room. As always, he has impeccable timing. “You have never looked more sexy.”

He wraps the towel around me, pinning my arms to my sides as he drops a kiss on my nose. “Be more careful, I have plans for this gorgeous body later.” He smiles, kissing my lips softly.

About Vawn Cassidy
Vawn Cassidy is an MM author living in the UK. She’s often known for her world building skills and sense of humor. She loves to write in different genres and has penned contemporary romance, paranormal mystery/romance and dark historical with a supernatural twist.

You can sign up to her mailing list by visiting her website, she can also be found on social media.

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