Release Blitz: Bad Pucking Timing by Michele Lenard

Bad Pucking Timing
(Colorado Bulldogs #1)
by Michele Lenard
Release Date: August 8, 2023

About Bad Pucking Timing
The ice is my happy place. My sanctuary. The source of my happiest memories, and the promise of my future. It’s also the reason I’m living a lie.

There’s no better feeling than holding another man in your hand while he comes undone.

Smooth skin wrapped around rigid muscle, a tantalizing mixture of soft and hard that pulses like a heartbeat within your fist. Grunts, moans, and breathless curses are uttered in cadence with the rapid rise and fall of his chest. Strained tendons in his neck.

I’ve yet to see a sexier sight than a man in the throes of his release. The only thing that tops it is when I’m the one who gives it to him.

It’s intoxicating… powerful. For just a moment, I’m in complete control. He’s placed something as sacred as his pleasure in my hands and trusted me to satisfy his needs.

Maybe it’s the fact that men are big and hard that makes watching them fall apart so sexy. Or maybe I just like seeing them vulnerable because society says we shouldn’t be. Whatever the reason, I’m hopelessly drawn to men. Have been since I first learned what attraction was. But that’s my dirty little secret. One that could cost me my shot at the NHL if it comes out.

That’s why he is so dangerous. My lifelong dream is within reach, and now there’s another I want to pursue. If only it weren’t such bad pucking timing.

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About Michele Lenard

Hi! I'm Michele Lenard. I was ten when I read my first romance, a Jude Deveraux book I swiped from my mom’s bookshelf. I’ve read anything and everything since then; historical fiction, mystery, fantasy and even non-fiction. I devour it all. But I keep coming back to romance. Though sports romance is my guilty pleasure (I love all things active and outdoors), I don’t discriminate by genre or trope.

I love a steamy story (no closed-door scenes for me) but I also love romance. I want to see the emotion behind the steam, to understand what drives characters to fall in love. And I want to fall in love with the people on the page as they’re falling in love with each other. Above all else, I want the fantasy to feel like it could be reality. That’s why I started writing.

I am an Amazon best selling author in the Fiction Anthology category. My first book series, Mile High Romance, is currently available on Kindle Unlimited. Shameless plug—several of those books have been recognized in the MARA Fiction From the Homeland contest. My second series based in a small Colorado town debuted in the fall of 2022. I live in Colorado with my husband, two sons, and an adorable fur baby.

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