Review: Sneak Attack by Stacey Lynn (Nashville Steel #1)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Valentine PR.

It's been a while since I last read something written by Stacey Lynn, and Sneak Attack was both a good story to help me get reacquainted with her writing AND a great opening salvo to her new football romance series, Nashville Steel. Book one is a second-chance romance with a good amount of angst interspersed with some lighthearted moments. Readers are introduced to Eden Barclay and Cole Buchanan, and their journey towards their happily-ever-after was not an easy one. Returning to Marysville, Tennessee was something Eden swore she would never do, and she stayed away for seven years. However, there was simply no way she could refuse the request of a woman who meant a great deal to her. She knew she wouldn't be welcomed back with open arms by the community she once considered her own, but crossing paths with Cole was going to be inevitable. There was a point in their lives when he looked at her with love and light, but now, it's clear that he can barely stand to be around her, what more look at her. One night changed everything when they were teenagers; now, Eden may not get redemption or absolution, but this could be that second chance that she never thought she deserved. The question is: What will she and Cole do with it?

Oh, the angst was so good in this series starter! It wasn't drama for the sake of drama, and it never took away from the actual romance between the main characters. I enjoyed getting to know both Eden and Cole. They had their fair share of missteps and flaws, but then, I'm not the sort of reader that requires her characters to be impossibly perfect. The history that these two share was mostly good, but all it took was one tragic night to cast a dark shadow on everything else. Theirs is a reminder that we should learn to forgive ourselves while also coming to grips with the realization that taking on the burden of guilt is not necessarily the same thing as regretting words and actions in the past. Falling in love the first time around was complicated enough for Eden and Cole; re-embracing those feelings and acknowledging that they were still "it" for each other was on a whole new level. But I loved seeing them fight for what they wanted and needed, not just for one another, but for Jasper, Cole's young son, as well. There were definitely moments where I got teary-eyed, but there were also times where I smiled, too. Overall, Sneak Attack was a fantastic beginning to Stacey Lynn's new Nashville Steel series, and I look forward to more from this cast of characters. It receives 4.5 stars.

Release Date: 21 March 2023

Date Read: 18 March 2023

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