Review: Just a Little Hookup by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde (Dare Crossover #1)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the authors via Wildfire Marketing.

Just a Little Hookup is the first book in the Dare Crossover series from the writing duo of Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. If you're familiar with Phillips's Kingston Family and Dirty Dare series, then I'm sure there's at least a couple of non-Dare supporting characters who have piqued your interest. Well, this new series will be featuring them, and Phillips and Wilde are kicking things off with Derek Bettencourt, who was introduced in Just One Taste (Dirty Dares #3) as Nikki Bettencourt's brother. He's part of a bachelor auction, and the thirty-two-year-old billionaire media mogul isn't exactly jumping for joy at the idea of being asked to parade around in hopes of bringing in bids. When his ex-fiancée sets her sights on him, Derek is rescued by none other than his best friend and business partner's younger sister. Of course, bidding on Derek wasn't part of her plans, but twenty-eight-year-old fashion designer Jessica Cavanaugh decides to take advantage and a bit of harmless payback. It's all fun and games until flirting crosses over to actual hooking up. But is this nothing more than a momentary lapse in judgment or is it a little bit like forever?

I quite enjoyed this new series starter, and it was great having an opportunity to read something penned by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde together again. Derek Bettencourt was someone who definitely snagged my attention in Just One Taste, and I've been eager to see him go through what one of his best friends and his younger sister--Asher Dare and Nikki Bettencourt--experienced. I think Jessica Cavanaugh was someone who suited him perfectly. She wasn't a woman interested in being with him simply because of what he could offer her in terms of money and prestige. She was achieving her own success and came from money but also had no qualms about putting the work in and earning her own. I loved their banter, and rooting for them to make it through all the stirred up drama from an insecure ex who didn't understand the word "no" and certain family members who needed to buy a clue was a no-brainer. Something else that isn't all that difficult to do? Give Just a Little Hookup 4.5 stars and add the next Dare Crossover book to my TBR list.

Release Date: 21 March 2023

Date Read: 08 March 2023

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