Review: Revenge Is Sweet by Felice Stevens

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Revenge Is Sweet is the newest M/M romance standalone from Felice Stevens, and it's a falling-for-your-brother's-best-friend with a twist. When thirty-five-year-old Lyon Elliot, owner of a gentlemen's club called The Lyon's Den, is jilted at the altar by his bride-to-be, the fact that it was due to her cheating on him with his best friend that breaks his heart and his trust the most. The betrayal leaves Lyon spiraling, but he decides to set his sights on a whole new goal: revenge. What better way to get it than to use his former best friend's younger brother, Miles Halloran? The guy he nicknamed Miles the Mouse is twenty-five and owns an independent bookstore, and has remained in the fringes, barely catching Lyon's notice. So, when his older brother's now-former best friend begins to pay him special attention, Miles can't help but wonder why now. And when they become closer, how long before Lyon questions if this is still a game he's willing to play, especially if it may end up with not just Miles's heart breaking but Lyon's own wary yet fragile one too. Will getting revenge on his traitorous former best friend be worth losing Miles?

Ah, I seriously enjoyed this standalone! I quite liked the twist regarding the revenge plot, which sounds rather nefarious when called a "plot" but it's not as evil as it sounds, I promise. Lyon isn't exactly the easiest person to have any affection for in the first several chapters of the book. Once those fortified walls of his slowly came down, though, it was clear that he was someone who did not love easily and for good reason. As for Miles, he may have seemed like a man who was meek and mild-mannered, but he had backbone, especially when it came to finally finding his own footing in his relationships. I loved seeing the character development when it came to the main characters, and I adored the support system Lyon had with his Uncle Harry, his brother, Scott, and even his bartender, Victor, and the one Miles had with Gordon, his employee and friend, and, to a degree, his brother, Dan. Speaking of Dan AND Lindsey...I don't recall ever disliking two supporting characters as much as I did these two. Talk about the gall they had for shifting blame on Lyon. Ugh. Thank goodness for everyone else in the cast of characters, but then antagonists are who they are for a reason? I'm awarding Revenge Is Sweet four stars.

Release Date: 06 March 2023

Date Read: 04 March 2023

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