Review: The Wright Mistake by K.A. Linde (Wright #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

At thirty-one, Austin Wright is the Wright sibling with an easy smile and a seemingly easygoing attitude to life. While many are fueled by lofty ambition and the more practical ones cups of caffeine, Austin is fueled by alcohol. One drink is never enough, what with his tolerance for it. Unfortunately, the tolerance of others is not that high, not when his alcohol intake has clearly become an addiction. But even as his family and the woman he's never gotten quite enough of have expressed varying degrees of concern--whether they be peppered with levity or outright anger--Austin brushes it all away. Will it take the threat of losing a position within Wright Enterprises that should be his to push him into dealing with his addiction or could it take something more devastating--something that will open his eyes to the possibility of losing far more than he thought possible--for Austin to right his wrongs?

I've been waiting for Austin's story since the series started because any kind of addiction always has a back story and it was pretty obvious that the guy was an alcoholic. In The Wright Mistake, Austin denies his over-reliance on alcohol. Maybe it was his high tolerance for it or maybe he was just the kind of guy who did the opposite of what everyone else was telling him to do--whichever it was, he was masking a great deal of deep-seated pain and misplaced feelings of guilt. For all his false bravado as one of five heirs apparent to a business dynasty, Austin was struggling with more than he wanted to admit. My heart broke for him, especially since his two other brothers and his youngest sister had found the people they were now spending the rest of their lives with and since his other sister was more than meeting expectations professionally. Austin must've looked at himself as the lone screw-up.

While Austin Wright had his share of hang-ups--both the kind that are on full display and the more hidden ones--Julia Banner had secrets of her own. He broke her heart two years prior, and while she's filled with anger towards him, there's no denying that he's still the only guy that makes her feel certain things. She did see him at times as Wright kind of wrong (tipping my hat to Leann Rimes for that pun), but there was this undeniable chemistry that I really liked between them. They prodded and pulled back, wanting to bask in the rightness when they were together while always knowing in the back of their minds that they both had issues that needed dealing with if there was any hope of the to be live happily ever after. There are certain things that happen with Morgan and Sutton--that make it kinda obvious this series isn't exclusively their brothers'. Five stars go to The Wright Mistake. ♥


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Date Read: 08 August 2017

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