Review: The Wright Brother by K.A. Linde (Wright #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

You never forget your first, and with The Wright Brother being my first ever K.A. Linde read, it's proven to be an unforgettable one, complete with squee-worthy and le sigh moments and two irresistibly charming main characters that made it way too easy to fall in love with them. Emery Robinson made a pact at eighteen after getting her heart broken by her high school boyfriend, Landon Wright. She refused to have anything to do with anyone in that family any longer. As far as she was concerned, any Wright was all wrong. But ten years after she left, she's back in her hometown of Lubbock, Texas, and being back means inevitably crossing paths with a Wright. The last thing she expects, however, is to have such an intense connection with the eldest Wright sibling--thirty-two-year-old Jensen, who took over the family-owned business after his father's death. As drawn to him as she may be, wanting your ex's brother is just wrong...right? And even if they venture into a relationship, with their issues with trust and secrets that Jensen doesn't share, could this be the second time Emery doesn't get it Wright?

I'm pretty sure there are other bloggers, readers, and reviewers out there who have probably laid their claim on Jensen. Well, I'm jumping on that bandwagon because Jensen was just...gah! The man wasn't the usual wealthy alpha business magnate who had emotional (and/or physical) scars to deal with. He's taken over the reins as the head of both their family and their business and he takes the responsibility on both counts seriously, to the point of putting his own dreams aside. He's kind of closed off in the beginning, but goodness, once the man shares more of himself with Emery, it was impossible to not fall for the guy. Yes, he's complicated, and yes, he makes mistakes, but he's human. Underneath the pressed suits and cool, detached demeanor, Jensen feels and when he goes into something, he's all in. There's more than one secret that he keeps from Emery, but the biggest secret had me seeing him differently, and not in a negative manner. I wouldn't be surprised if there were people who didn't agree with how he handled that, but his reasons behind what he did were absolutely understandable, at least on my end.

Emery was a revelation as the story progressed. She turned out to be far more mature and put-together than I gave her credit for at the onset. I loved how she was with her family and best friends, and she wasn't as wishy-washy as I may have thought she was. No, she had convictions and she stuck by them but was also didn't hesitate to forgive and move on or to change her mind. Emery's probably my favorite female main character to come along so far this year. She's feisty and sassy, but she's also soft and loving. And Emery with Jensen? Goodness, but these two were both sweet and sizzling together. This being a series starter, I am, of course, curious about the other potential couples that'll pair up as the series progresses. That sneak peek had me wishing it were already May so we could find out what's been happening and what else could happen between Heidi Martin and Landon Wright. Then there's Julia Banner and Austin Wright and Morgan Wright and Patrick (no last name as of yet). Can you tell how into the Wright series I am? I can't wait for more as long as they're as good as The Wright Brother. Five stars! ♥

Date Read: 04 March 2017

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