Review: Aim by L.P. Dover (Circle of Justice #3)

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Aim is the third novel in L.P. Dover's romantic suspense series, Circle of Justice, and the story brought to mind an episode of CSI Miami wherein victims were kidnapped and kept hostage for a period of time before being ordered to make a run for it. Why? Because their abductor would then make a sport out of it and gun them down like prey. There's enough of a difference between that show's story line and what happens here in the book that distinguishes one from the other, but yeah, I couldn't help but have that particular episode playing in my head while I was reading Aim. That being said, Dover has once again written a story that's filled with a darker kind of suspense, just like what's found in the first two novels of the series, and to even things out, there's a lighthearted romance between FBI Agent Ian Chandler--who is, of course, a part of the Circle of Justice (CoJ)--and Grace Myers--the woman's who's had his attention for a good while now. When Ian gets a call from Grace's father, Ian knows it's a race against time to find her before she befalls the same fate of those who went missing only to be found dead.

This was a really well-paced romantic suspense thriller of a story, one that had me guessing till the very end. The ones doing the actual kidnapping were revealed midway, but it was who wanted Grace to be gone which had me with a list of suspects that didn't pan out because clearly, I was wrong! That alone has me wanting to applaud L.P. Dover because I do love it when an author is able to keep me on my proverbial toes. I also appreciated her keeping the actual love story between Ian and Grace rather drama-free, saving all of that for the mystery part of it all. Ian wasn't this overly intense alpha male who demanded that Grace remain in the shadows and be a good, little girl and follow everything he says. He clearly respected her and saw her as a highly capable woman who came out of her dire circumstances even stronger than she was before. L.P. Dover's combination of romance and suspense in this third in a series hit all the right notes, which, in turn, allowed it to be a good addition to the Circle of Justice books. I'm giving Aim four stars out of five stars, and am all curious as to what story awaits Ian's twin, Bryce. ♥


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Date Read: 09 August 2017

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