Review: Rendezvous by Skye Jordan (Renegades #5)

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Rendezvous is the fifth full-length and latest novel in the Skye Jordan-penned Renegades series and features Keaton Holt, a member of the Renegades team of stunt experts, and Brooke Dempsey, the former personal assistant of Ellie Diamond before she went on hiatus from touring. Keaton and Brooke had a spark from the moment they met and both haven't forgotten the kiss they shared under the night sky a year ago in Malibu, California. While working on a film in Austin, Texas, Keaton spies a woman who looks remarkably like Brooke, and is shocked to find out that it is, indeed, her. He's used to hookups and very short-lived flings, but with the woman he hasn't been able to forget for a year, he wants much more.

Brooke Dempsey is in Austin with her new boss, an actress with a diva complex, but as much as she wishes she could simply up and quit, she can't. She needs to continue to earn enough to help her sister pay for all of her young nephew's medical needs. All she has to do is wait it out another year, and she'll be able to walk away from this gig. Realizing that Keaton Holt, the stuntman with whom she shared a memorable kiss on the beach under the stars, is in the same city as her could be a sign that they make a go of that promising start a year ago. Theirs is a connection unlike anything else either one of them has ever experienced. But when she's forced to choose between Keaton and her family, whose heart will she break?

This newest Renegades book was a fantastic addition! I loved Keaton and Brooke. Their relationship felt real, flaws and all. They may have remembered their kiss on the beach, but they weren't pining for each other like they were lovesick over being apart. Even the progress of their relationship came off as realistic, and there were the sweet and the steamy moments that I like to see in romance novels like this. The choice she had to make was one that I believed was both honest and sensible, but that ending was so swoon-worthy. Rebel continues to remain my ultimate favorite book, along with Wes Lawson and Rubi Russo being my favorite couple, but Brooke and Keaton are right behind, with Rendezvous garnering five stars. ♥


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Release Date: 17 October 2016

Date Read: 16 October 2016

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